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(CMMSE2018) A novel fuzzy methodology applied for ranking trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and new properties AF Roldán López de Hierro, A Márquez Montávez, C Roldán. 2019
犹豫模糊语言PROMETHEE方法在川酒品牌评价中应用 廖虎昌*, 杨竹徐泽水顾新.. 2019
ω-Interpolative Ćirić-Reich-Rus-Type Contractions H Aydi, E Karapinar, A Roldán López de Hierro. 2019
30 years of intelligence models in management and business: A bibliometric review JR López-Robles, JR Otegi-Olaso, IP Gómez, MJ Cobo. 2019
4CPS-104 Chemotherapy treatment in colorectal cancer patients older than 70 years at a tertiary hospital JJA Sanchez, JC del Río Valencia, RT Bermejo, IM Castillo. 2019
4CPS-189 Adequacy of the prescription of parenteral nutrition in neonatology A Pintado, CF Cuerva, JJA Sanchez, CG Fernandez, IM Castillo. 2019
A Bayesian assessment of an approximate model for unconfined water flow in sloping layered porous media J Chiachío, M Chiachío, S Sankararaman, D Prescott. 2019
A binocular image fusion approach for minimizing false positives in handgun detection with deep learning R Olmos, S Tabik, A Lamas, F Pérez-Hernández, F Herrera. 2019
A comprehensive analysis of deep regression S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, X Alameda-Pineda, R Horaud. 2019
A consensus model for large-scale linguistic group decision making with a feedback recommendation based on clustered personalized individual semantics and opposing consensus groups CC Li, Y Dong, F Herrera. 2019
A consensus-based probabilistic linguistic gained and lost dominance score method X Wu, H Liao*. 2019
A Fuzzy Linguistic RFM Model Applied to Campaign Management. R Alberto Carrasco, M Francisca Blasco, J García-Madariaga, .... 2019
A grammar-guided genetic programing algorithm for associative classification in Big Data F Padillo, JM Luna, S Ventura. 2019
A Group Decision Making Approach Considering Self-confidence Behaviors and Its Application in Environmental Pollution Emergency Management X Liu, Y Xu, Y Ge, W Zhang, F Herrera. 2019
A Hybrid Group Decision Making Framework for Achieving Agreed Solutions based on Stable Opinions Q Dong, X Zhou, L Martínez. 2019
A hybrid multi-criteria decision making model for elective admission control in a Chinese public hospital T Zhu, L Luo, H Liao*, X Zhang, W Shen. 2019
A knowledge-based prognostics framework for railway track geometry degradation J Chiachío, M Chiachío, D Prescott, J Andrews. 2019
A Machine Learning Approach to Reveal the NeuroPhenotypes of Autisms JM Górriz, J Ramírez, F Segovia, FJ Martínez, MC Lai, MV Lombardo, .... 2019
A multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy system to obtain a broad and accurate set of solutions in intrusion detection systems S Elhag, A Fernández, A Altalhi, S Alshomrani, F Herrera. 2019
A new fusion of salp swarm with sine cosine for optimization of non-linear functions N Singh, F Chiclana, JP Magnot. 2019
A new perspective of Bayesian formula based on D-S theory in interval intuitionistic fuzzy environment and its applications J Ye, Z Xu, X Gou. 2019
A procedure for group decision making with interval-valued intuitionistic linguistic fuzzy preference relations J Tang, F Meng, FJ Cabrerizo, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A prospect theory-based group decision approach considering consensus for portfolio selection with hesitant fuzzy information X Zhou, L Wang, H Liao*, S Wang, B Lev, H Fujita. 2019
A Review of Fingerprint Feature Representations and Their Applications for Latent Fingerprint Identification: Trends and Evaluation D Valdes-Ramirez, MA Medina-Pérez, R Monroy, O Loyola-González, .... 2019
A review on the self and dual interactions between machine learning and optimisation H Song, I Triguero, E Özcan. 2019
A review on trust propagation and opinion dynamics in social networks and group decision making frameworks R Urena, G Kou, Y Dong, F Chiclana, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A robust Bayesian methodology for damage localization in plate-like structures using ultrasonic guided-waves S Cantero-Chinchilla, J Chiachío, M Chiachío, D Chronopoulos, A Jones. 2019
A Scalable Approach to Fuzzy Rough Nearest Neighbour Classification with Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators OU Lenz, D Peralta, C Cornelis. 2019
A Simulation-Based Optimisation Approach for Inventory Management of Highly Perishable Food N Xue, D Landa-Silva, GP Figueredo, I Triguero. 2019
A social network based approach for consensus achievement in multiperson decision making R Urena, F Chiclana, G Melancon, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A two-stage social trust network partition model for large-scale group decision-making problems T Wu, K Zhang, X Liu, C Cao. 2019
A unified pseudo-Cℓ framework D Alonso, J Sanchez, A Slosar, LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration. 2019
A variance-based consensus degree in group decision making problems MJ del Moral, F Chiclana, JM Tapia, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
Abstract A120: Intratumoral dendritic cell dynamics in responsive and nonresponsive syngeneic murine tumor models H Xiong, S Mittman, R Rodriguez, M Moskalenko, PP Sanchez, Y Yang, .... 2019
Abstract P3-08-24: Mutational characterization of HER2-positive breast cancer AV Sánchez, AG Cudos, S Morales, JV Rodriguez, AS López, JM Olivé, .... 2019
Abstract P3-10-17: mRNA expression of HER2 by PCR as a strong predictor of pathologic response to neoadjuvant antiHER2 therapy AG Cudós, SM Murillo, JV Rodriguez, AV Sánchez, AS López, JM Olivé, .... 2019
Adaptive cooperation of multi-swarm particle swarm optimizer-based hidden Markov model A El Afia, O Aoun, S Garcia. 2019
Advanced visualization of Twitter data for its analysis as a communication channel in traditional companies C Zarco, E Santos, O Cordón. 2019
Alternative ranking-based clustering and reliability index-based consensus reaching process for hesitant fuzzy large scale group decision making X Liu, Y Xu, R Montes, RX Ding, F Herrera. 2019
An Adaptive Feedback Mechanism for Consensus Reaching Processes Based on Individuals' Credibility FJ Cabrerizo, IJ Pérez, JA Morente-Molinera, S Alonso, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
An analysis on the influence of Chinese “new four inventions” under the incomplete hybrid probabilistic linguistic environment Wanying Xie, Zeshui Xu, Zhiliang Ren. 2019
An attitudinal consensus degree to control the feedback mechanism in group decision making with different adjustment cost J Wu, Q Sun, H Fujita, F Chiclana. 2019
An attitudinal trust recommendation mechanism to balance consensus and harmony in group decision making J Wu, X Li, F Chiclana, RR Yager. 2019
An automatic procedure to create fuzzy ontologies from users’ opinions using sentiment analysis procedures and multi-granular fuzzy linguistic modelling methods JA Morente-Molinera, G Kou, C Pang, FJ Cabrerizo, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
An emergency decision making method based on the multiplicative consistency of probabilistic linguistic preference relations J Gao, Z Xu, P Ren, H Liao. 2019
An enhanced ordered weighted averaging operators generation algorithm with applications for multicriteria decision making ZS Chen, C Yu, KS Chin, L Martínez. 2019
An evolutionary approach to build ensembles of multi-label classifiers JM Moyano, EL Gibaja, KJ Cios, S Ventura. 2019
An Improved Approach to Quality Function Deployment based on Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets and Its Application to Assembly Robot Design Evaluation H Liao, Y Chang, D Wu, X Gou. 2019
An improved MULTIMOORA method with combined weights and its application in assessing the innovative ability of universities L Dong, X Gu, X Wu, H Liao. 2019

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