AI Applications in Civil Engineering

The most advanced countries are facing the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, brought about by technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced monitoring and robotics. The Construction and Civil Engineering industry will be part of this revolution, due to the relatively low cost of digitalization technologies in relation to the huge operation and maintenance costs of infrastructures. The amount of data and information in real time coming from monitored infrastructures is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. This information has the potential not only to reduce the national budget on infrastructure maintenance by billions, but also to dramatically change the way the 21st century infrastructures will be designed, built and operated. In this context, the overall objective of this research area is to contribute to this revolution and to academically lead the development of innovative computational intelligence technologies for the construction industry of the 21st century.

More specifically, the following research lines are currently being carried out at DaSCI:

  • Development of digital twins and cyber-physical systems for intelligent management of structures and infrastructures
  • Development of intelligent systems for remaining useful life prognostics of infrastructures
  • Development of technologies for robotic maintenance of infraestructures
  • Intelligent systems for the design, planning and construction of infrastructures
  • Intelligent systems for failure detection and predictive maintenance of infrastructures

Contact: Juan Chiachio Ruano

Related Researchers:


  Name Email Area Cat.
Chiachio Ruano, Manuel mchiachio@ugr.2MdCF49DoNUes DaSCI Technology Applications Area PhD
Chiachío Ruano, Juan DaSCI Technology Applications Area PhD
Melero Rus, Francisco Javier DaSCI Technology Applications Area, Data Science and Big Data Area, Computational Intelligence Area PhD
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