Biosignal and medical imaging processing

One of the fundamental sectors of society on which computational science, artificial intelligence and signal processing have a fundamental impact is the health sector. In recent decades, the development of new diagnostic technologies and tools for monitoring biological variables has simultaneously required advances and research in computational methods for processing the information obtained, which often consists of large volumes of data. Therefore, the processing of biomedical signals and medical imaging is in the center of interest in the application of artificial intelligence techniques:

  • Artificial intelligence: computer vision, pattern recognition, decision support systems, neural networks, among others.
  • Signal processing: image processing, segmentation, reconstruction, registration, big data, efficient real-time systems, among others.

Specifically, within this line of research, projects are being developed that have an impact on improving the diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, or in the detection of lesions caused by different types of cancer.  The tools that are being developed can be used by professionals to anticipate the devastating effects caused by these diseases and combat them in time.

Contact: Ignacio Álvarez Illan

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