Blockchain and Data Protection

Blockchain is the underlying technology of all the crypto currencies that have been emerging in the first decades of the 21st century. This technology allows to create a ledger (formed by pieces of information or blocks) to store information. The most relevant characteristics of this ledger are

  • It is distributed (in the form of peer to peer networks), that is, the information is not stored in a central server controlled by a single entity. This characteristic implies high reliability and robustness.
  • The stored information is immutable, offering a cryptographic guarantee (through digital signatures and certificates) that what is stored has not been later modified by any participant.

In addition, the blockchain allows the creation of intelligent contracts, that is, contracts that can be programmed and executed in a totally automatic manner without the interference of third parties (such as lawyers, notaries, etc). Therefore, these characteristics of the blockchain allow the development of initiatives in which all participating entities do not have to expressly trust the good intentions of the rest of the parties.

The main objective of this line is the study of specific applications of this technology to improve its efficiency and transparency, such as its application to the Internet of Things (to store in a distributed way the information collected by sensors), the application to decision support systems (offering greater guarantees to decision makers about the information under discussion), the possible creation of new consensus algorithms that improve the performance of current ones (with a high computational cost), its use in long-term information conservation environments and so on.

Contact: Enrique Herrera Viedma

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