Connected Health

Connected health is the provision of health and medical care services using a digital ecosystem. Digital ecosystems have the capacity to obtain and exchange different types of data through multiple sources of information (devices with sensors, medical equipment, medical images, expert knowledge, etc.) and acquire new knowledge with the main objective of making better decisions in health matters. In the connected health scenario, the main actors are citizens, professionals, as well as health centers and services where digital ecosystems provide multiple opportunities for health care and improvement. These opportunities include, for example, reducing time, distance and access limitations to remote locations, providing continuous and real-time monitoring, improving diagnosis and treatment processes, as well as optimizing organizational processes.

Contact: Macarena Espinilla Estévez

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  Name Email Area Cat.
Díaz Rodríguez, Natalia Computational Intelligence Area, Data Science and Big Data Area PhD
Espinilla Estévez, Macarena Computational Intelligence Area PhD
Faris, Hossam DaSCI Technology Applications Area International Colaborator
Herrera Viedma, Enrique Computational Intelligence Area PhD
Romero Zaliz, Rocío DaSCI Technology Applications Area PhD