Cultural Heritage and Citizen Science. MonuMAI

The knowledge and enjoyment of historical and cultural heritage is one of the fundamental values of our society. To contribute to the social awareness of the importance of architectural heritage, we involve citizens in the challenge of automatically identifying the architectural styles through Artificial Intelligence. But we also do science with social objectives:

  • To empower citizens to participate in a collaborative scientific project of citizen science. Familiarize them with the scientific method.
  • To discover to the citizenship the relation between mathematics and art.
  • To make artificial intelligence techniques accessible to everyday life.
  • To increase the use of mobile applications as a training element.

Citizen Science refers to that scientific knowledge that is produced by the active participation of the general population; citizens actively collaborate either with their intellectual effort, with the knowledge of their environment or by contributing their own tools and resources. Citizen Science projects clearly improve the relationship between science, society and politics and promote more democratic research. In our case, they are also a weapon for the future, as they also have an impact on the promotion of scientific vocations and the incorporation of technology into the study and enhancement of artistic heritage.

MonuMAI is a citizen science project of the Descubre Foundation and the University of Granada that offers the opportunity to approach for all people, the artistic styles of cultural heritage. For that communication we use an app as a tool between citizens and our Artificial Intelligence model. We want the app to be also a resource to support educational activities. MonuMAI was born in Granada, within the framework of the European Researchers’ Night. On the one hand, it offers all the people who attend this event the opportunity to experience research in first person, participating as members of the Citizen Science team, and on the other hand, it takes advantage of the great success of the event to reach a broad sector of the population, a key factor for the success of the project.

We intend, together with citizen-researchers, to provide the best Artificial Intelligent algorithm in arts by the automatic recognition of architectural styles from photographs of monuments. With MonuMAI you can learn about art, mathematics and proportions (the relative dimensions of arcs, windows, portics,..), as well as contribute to the training of our intelligent model.

The team of DaSCI – University of Granada and Fundación Descubre, encourage you to download the app for iOS or Android, consult the gallery with the images processed by AI and labeled by elements and styles… and enjoy learning from your own shared MonuMAIs.

Contact: Rosana Montes Soldado

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Cascón Katchadourian, Jesús Data Science and Big Data Area PhD
Díaz Rodríguez, Natalia Computational Intelligence Area, Data Science and Big Data Area PhD
Melero Rus, Francisco Javier DaSCI Technology Applications Area PhD
Montes Soldado, Rosana Computational Intelligence Area PhD