Decision Making and Decision Support Systems

Effective decision-making is an complex process that needs to be nurtured in time. Effective decision has positive effects on all the departments, and equal damage is caused by an ineffective decision. Hence, decision makers face many situations wherein it is quite tough to make a decision. A careful study of various challenges faced will lead to take effective and better decisions in future.

Typical barriers faced by decision makers among others are: lack of reliable data, too many options, information overload, inadequate support, right integration of data-driven processes vs. expert-driven ones, misidentification of the problem, etc. Therefore, our research will be focused on developing novel models, methods together frameworks, and software tools that allow us to overcome the previous barriers and the new ones that will rise due to the information technology development. In addition, in this way to facilitate and support the effective decision making at all different levels in the companies and organization that face to complex decision making problems.

Contact: Luis Martínez López

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