Image and video processing

The main goal of this research line is to create new theoretical and practical developments in the field of image and video processing and analysis. From a practical point of view, we employ multiple techniques (fully connected, convolutional, recurrent and generative adversarial networks, as well as geometric approaches that are not learning-based) to solve complex real-world problems. Application areas include medical diagnosis, forensic identification, metallurgical industry, and human-robot interaction, just to name a few. From the theoretical and methodological point of view, the aim is to study the properties and empirical performance of existing models, as well as to analyze, design, implement and validate new approaches that can make a novel and original contribution to the state of the art.

Contact: Pablo Mesejo Santiago

Related Researchers:


  Name Email Area Cat.
Mesejo Santiago, Pablo DaSCI Technology Applications Area PhD - Marie Curie
Villar Castro, Pedro Data Science and Big Data Area PhD
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