Time series and real-time data analysis

A time series is a set of data relating to the measurement of a magnitude (scalar or vector) ordered in time. It is a type of data of enormous interest that appears in all areas of knowledge and human activity. The immense variety in the nature of time series as well as the emergence of new types associated with the growing facilities of data measurement and storage make the field of research, far from becoming increasingly extensive.

The analysis of the time series, to study its properties or to derive patterns of interest and the modeling to predict future values of the series constitute the two main fields of scientific and applied interest. The research in the analysis and prediction procedures with Artificial Intelligence techniques (Automatic Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computational Intelligence) and the combination with classical statistical methods have constituted a continuous line of work of researchers at the DaSCI Institute. The scientific work in the foundations of the knowledge of the area has been complemented with the effective resolution of complex real problems in areas as diverse as agriculture, energy, civil engineering, transport or finance.

In DaSCI we investigate in the design of machine learning techniques capable of building models in real time according to the data that are being received and we have applied it successfully to problems such as the analysis of electroencephalogram, critical care medicine, Twitter activity, monitoring of cell phone use or energy consumption.

Contact: José Manuel Benítez

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Rivera Rivas, Antonio Jesús arivera@ujaJxjyyAV9_Aen.es Data Science and Big Data Area PhD
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