New European project awarded to DaSCI researchers

3 January, 2023

#BUILDCHAIN #project

Professors Juan Chiachío (PI) and Manuel Chiachío (Co-IP), from the Department of Structural Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering and researchers of the Interuniversity Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI), will be responsible for coordinating the participation of the UGR in the European consortium “BUILDCHAIN”. This project will develop a broad spectrum of frontier digital technologies for the conservation and intelligent management of large populations of buildings and structures of public interest.

The “BUILDCHAIN” TRUSTWORTHY BUILDING LIFE-CYCLE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY project will develop and implement disruptive digital technologies (contextual digital twin, monitoring via 5G-IoT, Blockchain, etc.) for the conservation and smart management of large populations of buildings and structures of public interest.
BUILDCHAIN is formed by a consortium of 11 European partners among research organizations and companies coordinated by the University of Pisa (Italy). Industrial partners include engineering firms such as RINA Consulting (Italy), BEXEL Consulting (Serbia) and PROTIM Architects & Engineers (Slovenia), and technology companies such as CLIOCom (Italy), and PROSPEH (Slovenia). The academic partners and other public bodies that make up the BUILDCHAIN consortium are the University of Pisa (Italy), the University of Granada, the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Slovenian National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, the Hungarian National Institute of Data Science and Automation, the Business School of the University of Athens (Greece), and the Municipality of Florence (Italy).
In particular, the main contribution of UGR researchers in the project will be the development of a digital structural health twin based on distributed monitoring and 5G-IoT communication technology, as well as the full-scale demonstration of this development in one or several buildings in Granada. In addition, UGR researchers will also be responsible for the work package of dissemination and exploitation of project results, which includes collaboration with the Business School of the University of Athens for the development of strategies for the transfer and monetization of project results. For this purpose, the UGR will have a budget of 475,000 €, corresponding to approximately 11% of the total project budget.
BUILDCHAIN will start on January 1, 2023 and will have a duration of three years. We wish our researchers the best of luck in successfully carrying out this new scientific and technological challenge.
For further information, please contact Professor Juan Chiachío Ruano (, PI of BUILDCHAIN at UGR.