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Papers (64)

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Physics-informed neural networks for data-driven simulation: Advantages, limitations, and opportunities FF de la Mata, A Gijón, M Molina-Solana, J Gómez-Romero. 2023
Graph Neural Network Potentials for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Cluster Anions A Gijón, M Molina-Solana, J Gómez-Romero. 2023
Prediction of wind turbines power with physics-informed neural networks and evidential uncertainty quantification A Gijón, A Pujana-Goitia, E Perea, M Molina-Solana, J Gómez-Romero. 2023
Explaining Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Methods for Control of Building HVAC Systems J Jiménez-Raboso, A Manjavacas, A Campoy-Nieves, M Molina-Solana, .... 2023
Automating look-ahead schedule generation for construction using linked-data based constraint checking and reinforcement learning RK Soman, M Molina-Solana. 2022
CntrlDA: A building energy management control system with real-time adjustments. Application to indoor temperature A Dmitrewski, M Molina-Solana, R Arcucci. 2022
GenoMus: Representing Procedural Musical Structures with an Encoded Functional Grammar Optimized for Metaprogramming and Machine Learning J López-Montes, M Molina-Solana, W Fajardo. 2022
Minimalistic fuzzy ontology reasoning: An application to Building Information Modeling I Huitzil, M Molina-Solana, J Gómez-Romero, F Bobillo. 2021
Scalable object detection pipeline for traffic cameras: Application to Tfl JamCams HM Gan, S Fernando, M Molina-Solana. 2021
Sinergym: a building simulation and control framework for training reinforcement learning agents J Jiménez-Raboso, A Campoy-Nieves, A Manjavacas-Lucas, .... 2021
Towards Data-Driven Simulation Models for Building Energy Management J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana. 2021
Variational gaussian process for optimal sensor placement G Tajnafoi, R Arcucci, L Mottet, C Vouriot, M Molina-Solana, C Pain, .... 2021
A time-series clustering methodology for knowledge extraction in energy consumption data LGB Ruiz, MC Pegalajar, R Arcucci, M Molina-Solana. 2020
Linked-Data based Constraint-Checking (LDCC) to support look-ahead planning in construction RK Soman, M Molina-Solana, JK Whyte. 2020
Towards a large-scale Twitter observatory for political events S Fernando, JAD López, O Şerban, J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana, .... 2020
A case study on understanding energy consumption through prediction and visualization (VIMOEN) LGB Ruiz, MC Pegalajar, M Molina-Solana, YK Guo. 2020
Attention-based Convolutional Autoencoders for 3D-Variational Data Assimilation J Mack, R Arcucci, M Molina-Solana, YK Guo. 2020
Do the shuffle: Exploring reasons for music listening through shuffled play KRM Sanfilippo, N Spiro, M Molina-Solana, A Lamont. 2020
Tuoris: A middleware for visualizing dynamic graphics in scalable resolution display environments V Martínez, S Fernando, M Molina-Solana, Y Guo. 2020
Open Visualization Environment (OVE): A web framework for scalable rendering of data visualizations S Fernando, J Scott-Brown, O Şerban, D Birch, D Akroyd, .... 2020
Weak Constraint Gaussian Processes for optimal sensor placement TH Dur, R Arcucci, L Mottet, MM Solana, C Pain, YK Guo. 2020
A probabilistic algorithm for predictive control with full-complexity models in non-residential buildings J Gomez-Romero, CJ Fernandez-Basso, MV Cambronero, .... 2019
Not all lies are equal. A study into the engineering of political misinformation in the 2016 US presidential election A Oehmichen, K Hua, JAD López, M Molina-Solana, J Gomez-Romero, .... 2019
Compositional Microservices for Immersive Social Visual Analytics S Fernando, D Birch, M Molina-Solana, D Mcilwraith, Y Guo. 2019
Hybrid Data Assimilation: An Ensemble-Variational Approach EM Lim, MM Solana, C Pain, YK Guo, R Arcucci. 2019
Generalised Regression Hypothesis Induction for Energy Consumption Forecasting R Rueda Delgado, M Pegalajar Cuéllar, MJ Molina Solana, YK Guo, .... 2019
Towards easy-to-implement misinformation automatic detection for online social media. JCAD López, M Molina-Solana, J Gómez-Romero. 2019
Towards self-adaptive building energy control in smart grids J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana. 2019
The improvisational state of mind: A multidisciplinary study of an improvisatory approach to classical music repertoire performance D Dolan, HJ Jensen, PAM Mediano, M Molina-Solana, H Rajpal, F Rosas, .... 2018
Visualizing large knowledge graphs: A performance analysis J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana, A Oehmichen, Y Guo. 2018
Comfort as a Service: A New Paradigm for Residential Environmental Quality Control J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana, M Ros, M Ruiz, M Martin-Bautista. 2018
Deep Learning for Fake News Classification M Molina-Solana, J Amador, JG Romero. 2018
foo.castr: visualising the future AI workforce J Amador Diaz Lopez, M Molina-Solana, MT Kennedy. 2018
A software tool for categorizing violin student renditions by comparison M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2018
GraphDL: An Ontology for Linked Data Visualization J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana. 2018
Data science for building energy management: A review M Molina-Solana, M Ros, MD Ruiz, J Gómez-Romero, MJ Martín-Bautista. 2017
Improving data exploration in graphs with fuzzy logic and large-scale visualisation M Molina-Solana, D Birch, Y Guo. 2017
Information fusion from multiple databases using meta-association rules MD Ruiz, J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana, M Ros, MJ Martin-Bautista. 2017
Characterizing Political Fake News in Twitter by its Meta-Data J Amador, A Oehmichen, M Molina-Solana. 2017
A Game Based e-Learning System to Teach Artificial Intelligence in the Computer Sciences Degree. A de Castro-Santos, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2017
Visualizing Dynamic Bitcoin Transaction Patterns D McGinn, D Birch, D Akroyd, M Molina-Solana, Y Guo, WJ Knottenbelt. 2016
Meta-association rules for mining interesting associations in multiple datasets MD Ruiz, J Gómez-Romero, M Molina-Solana, JR Campaña, .... 2016
Transcribing Debussy's Syrinx dynamics through Linguistic Description: The MUDELD algorithm M Ros, M Molina-Solana, M Delgado, W Fajardo, A Vila. 2016
Advances in Data Science for Building Energy Management J Gómez-Romero, MD Ruiz, C Fernández-Basso, M Molina-Solana, .... 2016
A fuzzy extension of the semantic Building Information Model J Gómez-Romero, F Bobillo, M Ros, M Molina-Solana, MD Ruiz, .... 2015
Representation model and learning algorithm for uncertain and imprecise multivariate behaviors, based on correlated trends M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2015
Intelligent Tutoring System, Based on Video E-learning, for Teaching Artificial Intelligence A Bailón, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2015
Unifying fuzzy controller for IEQ: implementation in a Raspberry Pi M Molina-Solana, M Ros, M Delgado. 2015
Learning User Activities from Energy Demand Profiles M Ros, M Molina-Solana, MJ Martin-Bautista, M Delgado, MA Vila. 2015
Unifying fuzzy controller for indoor environment quality M Molina-Solana, M Ros, M Delgado. 2013
e-Learning software for improving student's music performance using comparisons M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2013
Has FQAS Something to Say on Taking Good Care of Our Elders? M Ros, M Molina-Solana, M Delgado. 2013
Correlated Trends: A New Representation for Imperfect and Large Dataseries M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2013
Pattern Characterization in Multivariate Data Series using Fuzzy Logic W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana, MC Valenza. 2012
Representation of uncertain and imprecise behaviors and its application to music performance M Molina Solana. 2012
A state of the art on computational music performance M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2011
Mining transposed motifs in music A Jiménez, M Molina-Solana, F Berzal, W Fajardo. 2011
Identifying violin performers by their expressive trends M Molina-Solana, J Lluís Arcos, E Gomez. 2010
Evidence for Pianist-specific Rubato Style in Chopin Nocturnes. M Molina-Solana, M Grachten, G Widmer. 2010
Nature versus culture in ritardando performances M Molina-Solana, M Grachten. 2010
Inmamusys: Intelligent multiagent music system M Delgado, W Fajardo, M Molina-Solana. 2009
Mining musical patterns: Identification of transposed motives F Berzal, W Fajardo, A Jiménez, M Molina-Solana. 2009
Using Expressive Trends for Identifying Violin Performers M Molina-Solana, JL Arcos, E Gomez. 2008
Learning Violinist’s Expressive Trends M Molina-Solana, JL Arcos, E Gomez. 2008

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