Tech Seminars in Technology-Applications

Technology-Applications refers to the different ways in which technology is used in a practical way and in real environments. The objective is to optimize processes, whether in an organization, an industry or in day-to-day activities.

Word, Sense and Contextualized Embeddings: Vector Representations of Meaning in Natural Language Processing

Place: DECSAI Meeting Room

January, 08, 2020, Wednesday

DaSCI Transfer Technology Workshop in Marketing

Place: CITIC Building and Carmen de la Victoria, Granada

25-28th June, 2019

Computer-aided forensic identification by comparative

October, 20, 2017, Friday

Place: Universidad Internacional de Andalucía. Sede de Santa María de La Rábida, Huelva

Agent-based models for the evolution of cooperation

June, 6, 2017, Thusday

Place: Sala Usos Múltiples CITIC