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Papers (31)

Title Authors Year
predtoolsTS: R package for streamlining time series forecasting F Charte, A Vico, MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera. 2019
Nuevas arquitecturas hardware de procesamiento de alto rendimiento para aprendizaje profundo AJ Rivera, F Charte, M Espinilla, MD Pérez-Godoy. 2018
Análisis preliminar de marcos tecnológicos en data stream F Puentes, MD Pérez-Godoy, P González, MJ Del Jesus. 2018
Dealing with seasonality by narrowing the training set in time series forecasting with kNN F Martínez, MP Frías, MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera. 2018
MEFASD-BD: multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy algorithm for subgroup discovery in big data environments-a MapReduce solution F Pulgar-Rubio, AJ Rivera-Rivas, MD Pérez-Godoy, P González, .... 2017
Is the average photon energy a unique characteristic of the spectral distribution of global irradiance? G Nofuentes, CA Gueymard, J Aguilera, MD Pérez-Godoy, F Charte. 2017
Comparative analysis of data mining and response surface methodology predictive models for enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated olive tree biomass F Charte, I Romero, MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, E Castro. 2017
The influence of noise on the evolutionary fuzzy systems for subgroup discovery J Luengo, AM García-Vico, MD Pérez-Godoy, CJ Carmona. 2016
Recognition of activities in resource constrained environments; reducing the computational complexity M Espinilla, A Rivera, MD Pérez-Godoy, J Medina, L Martínez, C Nugent. 2016
CORBFN-CS: First Approach Introducing Cost-Sensitivity in the Cooperative-Competitive RBFN Design MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, F Charte, MJ del Jesus. 2015
GenRBFNSpark: A first implementation in Spark of a genetic algorithm to RBFN design AJ Rivera, MD Pérez-Godoy, F Pulgar, MJ del Jesus. 2015
Training algorithms for radial basis function networks to tackle learning processes with imbalanced data-sets MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, CJ Carmona, MJ del Jesús. 2014
Alternative OVA proposals for cooperative competitive RBFN design in classification tasks FC Ojeda, AJR Rivas, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ del Jesus. 2013
A first analysis of the effect of local and global optimization weights methods in the cooperative-competitive design of RBFN for imbalanced environments MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, MJ Del Jesus, F Martínez. 2013
Multi-label Testing for CO2RBFN: A First Approach to the Problem Transformation Methodology for Multi-label Classification AJ Rivera, F Charte, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ del Jesus. 2011
A study on the medium-term forecasting using exogenous variable selection of the extra-virgin olive oil with soft computing methods AJ Rivera, P Pérez-Recuerda, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ Del Jesús, MP Frías, .... 2011
A summary on the study of the medium-term forecasting of the extra-virgen olive oil price AJ Rivera, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ Del Jesus, P Pérez-Recuerda, MP Frías, .... 2011
CO2RBFN for Short and Medium Term Forecasting of the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Price MD Pérez-Godoy, P Pérez-Recuerda, MP Frías, AJ Rivera, CJ Carmona, .... 2010
CO 2RBFN for short-term forecasting of the extra virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market MD Pérez-Godoy, P Pérez, AJ Rivera, MJ del Jesús, CJ Carmona, .... 2010
A preliminary study on mutation operators in cooperative competitive algorithms for RBFN design MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, CJ Carmona, MJ del Jesus. 2010
Analysis of an evolutionary RBFN design algorithm, CO2RBFN, for imbalanced data sets MD Pérez-Godoy, A Fernández, AJ Rivera, MJ del Jesus. 2010
CO2RBFN: an evolutionary cooperative–competitive RBFN design algorithm for classification problems MD Perez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, FJ Berlanga, MJ Del Jesus. 2010
Co2rbfn: predicción de series temporales con un enfoque cooperativo-̃́ competitivo M Pérez-Godoy, P Pérez, A Rivera, M Del Jesus, PL López. 2010
Intelligent systems in long-term forecasting of the extra-virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market MD Pérez-Godoy, P Pérez, AJ Rivera, MJ del Jesús, MP Frías, M Parras. 2010
EMORBFN: An Evolutionary Multiobjetive Optimization Algorithm for RBFN Design PL López, AJ Rivera, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ del Jesus, C Carmona. 2009
A Preliminar Analysis of CO2RBFN in Imbalanced Problems MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, A Fernández, MJ del Jesús, F Herrera. 2009
Adaptación de una asignatura avanzada de redes de computadores al modelo de docencia virtual dentro del marco del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior AJ Rivera, CJ Carmona, MD Pérez-Godoy, MJ del Jesus. 2009
A preliminary study of the effect of feature selection in evolutionary RBFN design MD Perez-Godoy, JJ Aguilera, FJ Berlanga, VM Rivas, AJ Rivera. 2008
An study on data mining methods for short-term forecasting of the extra virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market P Pérez, MP Frías, MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, MJ del Jesús, M Parras, .... 2008
CoEvRBFN: an approach to solving the classification problem with a hybrid cooperative-coevolutive algorithm MD Pérez-Godoy, AJ Rivera, MJ Del Jesus, I Rojas. 2007

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