Targets of this Goal

By 2030, it is necessary to achieve the following targets:

  • Maintain per capita economic growth (gross domestic product growth of at least 7% per year in least developed countries)
  • Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological modernization and innovation
  • Promote policies aimed at creating decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation
  • Improve efficient production and consumption of global resources and seek to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation

We can currently advance towards the attainment of this goal:

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Lessons Learnt

We have analyzed the literature and extracted the following ideas on how technologies are favouring this SDG.
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AI and robotics, like any previous technological disruption, induce technological unemployment, while creating more job opportunities than it destroys, these being better used if continuous training is present


The creation of new services, products, and new jobs will be more effective if the social and economic impact of AI developments are taken into account and they are focused on creating added value, rather than on automating tasks


It must be enforced that the supply chain of the materials used in the "hardware" implementations of the AI do not stem from child and slave labor; and new materials that replace the currently used ones, as well as their recycling, must be investigated


Training in STEM subjects will be key to ensure adequate adoption of AI technologies in society, as well as correct labor mobility


The proposed actions on which we introduce an opinion poll for this SDG, are described below:

Poll for SDG-8

The analyses of interrelationships between emerging technologies & AI, and the possibilities they offer to pursue the SDGs, led us to propose a series of actions and/or potential projects to develop.
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Other recommendations:

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