Targets of this goal

By 2030, it is necessary to achieve the following targets:

  • Develop reliable, sustainable, resilient and quality infrastructure to support economic development and human well-being
  • Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and significantly increase the industry's contribution to employment and GDP
  • Increase access of small industries and other businesses to financial services
  • Modernize infrastructure and reconvert industries to be sustainable and environmentally sound
  • Increase scientific research and improve the technological capacity of industrial sectors

We can currently advance towards the attainment of this goal:

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Lessons Learnt

We have analyzed the literature and extracted the following ideas on how technologies are favouring this SDG.
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Infrastructure health monitoring is a field currently in incipient development, with pioneering work using IoT, drones, Digital Twins, deep learning and Artificial Vision systems


Big data and automated simulations can predict the extent of damage from major disasters and make objective decisions about the order of infrastructure restoration, helping to create more resilient interconnected infrastructure


3D geometric digitization systems based on images for structural monitoring already achieve high precision even in dynamic conditions or with images taken from UAVs (drones)


Traffic congestions are much better predicted using deep learning (neural networks) than via classic time series systems, which allows anticipating problems and reorganizing the flow of vehicles


AI systems, IoT and other disruptive technologies make it possible to optimize transport networks and make them more efficient and sustainable


The proposed actions on which we introduce an opinion poll for this SDG, are described below:

Poll for SDG-9

The analyses of interrelationships between emerging technologies & AI, and the possibilities they offer to pursue the SDGs, led us to propose a series of actions and/or potential projects to develop.
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Other recommendations:

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