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Optimizing Node Infiltrations in Complex Networks by a Local Search Based Heuristic M Lozano, HM Trujillo. 2019
Artificial Bee Colony for optimization of cloud-ready and survivable elastic optical networks R Goścień, M Lozano. 2018
Since CEC 2005 competition on real-parameter optimisation: a decade of research, progress and comparative analysis’s weakness C García-Martínez, PD Gutiérrez, D Molina, M Lozano, F Herrera. 2017
Optimizing network attacks by artificial bee colony M Lozano, C García-Martínez, FJ Rodríguez, HM Trujillo. 2017
GRASP with exterior path-relinking and restricted local search for the multidimensional two-way number partitioning problem FJ Rodriguez, F Glover, C García-Martínez, R Martí, M Lozano. 2017
An alternative artificial bee colony algorithm with destructive–constructive neighbourhood operator for the problem of composing medical crews JA Delgado-Osuna, M Lozano, C García-Martínez. 2016
A genetic algorithm for the minimum generating set problem M Lozano, M Laguna, R Martí, FJ Rodríguez, C García-Martínez. 2016
Randomized greedy multi-start algorithm for the minimum common integer partition problem M Lozano, FJ Rodriguez, D Peralta, C García-Martínez. 2016
The firefighter problem: Empirical results on random graphs C García-Martínez, C Blum, FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano. 2015
A two-stage constructive method for the unweighted minimum string cover problem M Lozano, FJ Rodriguez, C García-Martínez. 2015
Tabu-enhanced iterated greedy algorithm: a case study in the quadratic multiple knapsack problem C García-Martínez, FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano. 2014
Tabu search with strategic oscillation for the quadratic minimum spanning tree M Lozano, F Glover, C García-Martínez, FJ Rodríguez, R Martí. 2014
Strategic oscillation for the quadratic multiple knapsack problem C García-Martínez, F Glover, FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano, R Martí. 2014
An iterated greedy algorithm for the large-scale unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano, C Blum, C GarcíA-MartíNez. 2013
An artificial bee colony algorithm for the maximally diverse grouping problem FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano, C García-Martínez, JD GonzáLez-Barrera. 2013
A Hybrid Metaheuristic for the Cyclic Antibandwidth Problem M Lozano, A Duarte, F Gortázar, R Martı. 2013
Hybrid metaheuristics based on evolutionary algorithms and simulated annealing: taxonomy, comparison, and synergy test F Rodriguez, C Garcia-Martinez, M Lozano. 2012
Arbitrary function optimisation with metaheuristics C Garcia-Martinez, FJ Rodriguez, M Lozano. 2012
A simulated annealing method based on a specialised evolutionary algorithm C García-Martínez, M Lozano, FJ Rodríguez-Díaz. 2012
Variable neighborhood search with ejection chains for the antibandwidth problem M Lozano, A Duarte, F Gortázar, R Martí. 2012
GRASP with path-relinking for the non-identical parallel machine scheduling problem with minimising total weighted completion times FJ Rodriguez, C Blum, C García-Martínez, M Lozano. 2012
Memetic algorithms based on local search chains for large scale continuous optimisation problems: MA-SSW-Chains D Molina, M Lozano, AM Sánchez, F Herrera. 2011
Iterated greedy for the maximum diversity problem M Lozano, D Molina, C Garcia-Martinez. 2011
Role differentiation and malleable mating for differential evolution: an analysis on large-scale optimisation C García-Martínez, FJ Rodríguez, M Lozano. 2011
Hybrid metaheuristics with evolutionary algorithms specializing in intensification and diversification: Overview and progress report M Lozano, C García-Martínez. 2010
Memetic algorithms for continuous optimisation based on local search chains D Molina, M Lozano, C García-Martínez, F Herrera. 2010
Evaluating a local genetic algorithm as context-independent local search operator for metaheuristics C García-Martínez, M Lozano. 2010
Designing multilayer perceptrons using a guided saw-tooth evolutionary programming algorithm PA Gutiérrez, C Hervás, M Lozano. 2010
A study on the use of non-parametric tests for analyzing the evolutionary algorithms’ behaviour: a case study on the CEC’2005 special session on real parameter optimization S García, D Molina, M Lozano, F Herrera. 2009
Hybrid crossover operators with multiple descendents for real‐coded genetic algorithms: Combining neighborhood‐based crossover operators AM Sánchez, M Lozano, P Villar, F Herrera. 2009
Replacement strategies to preserve useful diversity in steady-state genetic algorithms M Lozano, F Herrera, JR Cano. 2008
Making CN2-SD subgroup discovery algorithm scalable to large size data sets using instance selection JR Cano, F Herrera, M Lozano, S García. 2008
Global and local real-coded genetic algorithms based on parent-centric crossover operators C García-Martínez, M Lozano, F Herrera, D Molina, AM Sánchez. 2008
Real‐parameter crossover operators with multiple descendents: An experimental study AM Sánchez, M Lozano, C García‐Martínez, D Molina, F Herrera. 2008
Evolutionary stratified training set selection for extracting classification rules with trade off precision-interpretability JR Cano, F Herrera, M Lozano. 2007
On the combination of evolutionary algorithms and stratified strategies for training set selection in data mining JR Cano, F Herrera, M Lozano. 2006
Continuous scatter search: an analysis of the integration of some combination methods and improvement strategies F Herrera, M Lozano, D Molina. 2006
Stratification for scaling up evolutionary prototype selection JR Cano, F Herrera, M Lozano. 2005
Hybrid crossover operators for real-coded genetic algorithms: an experimental study F Herrera, M Lozano, AM Sánchez. 2005
Real-coded memetic algorithms with crossover hill-climbing M Lozano, F Herrera, N Krasnogor, D Molina. 2004
Using evolutionary algorithms as instance selection for data reduction in KDD: an experimental study JR Cano, F Herrera, M Lozano. 2003
A taxonomy for the crossover operator for real‐coded genetic algorithms: An experimental study F Herrera, M Lozano, AM Sánchez. 2003
Fuzzy adaptive genetic algorithms: design, taxonomy, and future directions F Herrera, M Lozano. 2003
Adaptive genetic operators based on coevolution with fuzzy behaviors F Herrera, M Lozano. 2001
Gradual distributed real-coded genetic algorithms F Herrera, M Lozano. 2000
Two-loop real-coded genetic algorithms with adaptive control of mutation step sizes F Herrera, M Lozano. 2000
MOGUL: A methodology to obtain genetic fuzzy rule‐based systems under the iterative rule learning approach O Cordón, MJ del Jesús, F Herrera, M Lozano. 1999
Hierarchical distributed genetic algorithms F Herrera, M Lozano, C Moraga. 1999
Tackling real-coded genetic algorithms: Operators and tools for behavioural analysis F Herrera, M Lozano, JL Verdegay. 1998
A learning process for fuzzy control rules using genetic algorithms F Herrera, M Lozano, JL Verdegay. 1998
Fuzzy connectives based crossover operators to model genetic algorithms population diversity F Herrera, M Lozano, JL Verdegay. 1997
Dynamic and heuristic fuzzy connectives‐based crossover operators for controlling the diversity and convergence of real‐coded genetic algorithms F Herrera, M Lozano, JL Verdegay. 1996
Tuning fuzzy logic controllers by genetic algorithms F Herrera, M Lozano, JL Verdegay. 1995

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