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A Bayesian approach for damage assessment in welded structures using Lamb-wave surrogate models and minimal sensing MA Fakih, M Chiachío, J Chiachío, S Mustapha. (119, 111) 2022
A Bibliometric Analysis of IEEE T-ITS Literature Between 2010 and 2019 X Sun, S Ge, X Wang, H Lu, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2022
A Case of Study with the Clustering R Library to Measure the Quality of Cluster Algorithms LAP Martos, ÁM García-Vico, P González, CJ Carmona. (11, 81, 22) 2022
A consensus group decision making method for hotel selection with online reviews by sentiment analysis J Wu, X Ma, F Chiclana, Y Liu, Y Wu. (116) 2022
A cross-sectoral review of the current and potential maintenance strategies for composite structures J Contreras Lopez, J Chiachío, A Saleh, M Chiachío, A Kolios. (111, 119) 2022
A data-driven method for user satisfaction evaluation of smart and connected products Y Du, D Liu, JA Morente-Molinera, E Herrera-Viedma. (25, 59) 2022
A decentralized feedback mechanism with compromise behavior for large-scale group consensus reaching process with application in smart logistics supplier selection T Gai, M Cao, F Chiclana, J Wu, C Liang, E Herrera-Viedma. (25, 116) 2022
A decision support model for estimating participation-oriented designs of crowdsourcing platforms based on quality function deployment X Zhang, J Su, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2022
A distributed evolutionary fuzzy system-based method for the fusion of descriptive emerging patterns in data streams ÁM García-Vico, CJ Carmona, P González, MJ del Jesus. (81, 26, 11) 2022
A framework to build accurate Convolutional Neural Network models for melanoma diagnosis E Pérez, S Ventura. (62) 2022
A fusion spatial attention approach for few-shot learning H Song, B Deng, M Pound, E Özcan, I Triguero. (67) 2022
A fuzzy content-based group recommender system with dynamic selection of the aggregation functions R Yera, AA Alzahrani, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A fuzzy Einstein-based decision support system for public transportation management at times of pandemic M Deveci, D Pamucar, I Gokasar, D Delen, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A Granular Computing-Based Model for Group Decision-Making in Multi-Criteria and Heterogeneous Environments F Cabrerizo, JC González-Quesada, I Pérez, E Herrera-Viedma. (9, 61, 25) 2022
A hardware efficient intra-cortical neural decoding approach based on spike train temporal information D Katoozian, H Hosseini-Nejad, MR Abolghasemi Dehaqani, A Shoeibi, .... (23) 2022
A Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Bidirectional Projection-Regret decision making model Q Ding, YM Wang, M Goh, RM Rodríguez, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A hybrid decision making approach for new service development process of renewable energy investment L Martínez, H Dinçer, S Yüksel. (35) 2022
A hypothesis-driven method based on machine learning for neuroimaging data analysis JM Gorriz, R Martin-Clemente, CG Puntonet, A Ortiz, J Ramirez, .... (23, 60, 44) 2022
A large scale group decision making system based on sentiment analysis cluster JR Trillo, E Herrera-Viedma, JA Morente-Molinera, FJ Cabrerizo. (25, 9, 59) 2022
A large scale group Three-Way Decision-based consensus model for site selection of New Energy Vehicle charging stations YM Wang, SF He, DG Zamora, XH Pan, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A large scale group Three-Way Decision-based consensus model for site selection of New Energy Vehicle charging stations YM Wang, SF He, DG Zamora, XH Pan, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A Linguistic Group Best–Worst Method for Measuring Good Governance in the Third Sector: A Spanish Case Study A Licerán-Gutiérrez, C Ortega-Rodríguez, AL Moreno-Albarracín, .... (35) 2022
A linguistic information granulation model based on best-worst method in decision making problems X Ma, J Qin, L Martínez, W Pedrycz. (35) 2022
A Linguistic Metric for Consensus Reaching Processes based on ELICIT Comprehensive Minimum Cost Consensus Models D García-Zamora, Á Labella, RM Rodríguez, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A minimum cost consensus-based failure mode and effect analysis framework considering experts’ limited compromise and tolerance behaviors H Zhang, S Liu, Y Dong, F Chiclana, E Herrera-Viedma. (25, 116) 2022
A Modified Uncertainty Measure of Z-numbers Y Li, FJ Cabrerizo, E Herrera-Viedma, JA Morente-Molinera. (25, 59, 9) 2022
A New Decision-Making Framework for Site Selection of Electric Vehicle Charging Station with Heterogeneous Information and Multi-Granular Linguistic Terms YM Wang, XH Pan, SF He, B Dutta, D García-Zamora, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A new integrated multi-attribute decision-making approach for mobile medical app evaluation under q-rung orthopair fuzzy environment G Tang, Y Yang, X Gu, F Chiclana, P Liu, F Wang. (116) 2022
A new multi-rules approach to improve the performance of the Chi fuzzy rule classification algorithm L Jara, A González, R Pérez. (228, 230) 2022
A non-parametric statistical inference framework for Deep Learning in current neuroimaging C Jimenez-Mesa, J Ramirez, J Suckling, J Vöglein, J Levin, JM Gorriz, .... (23, 44) 2022
A novel alpha-level sets based fuzzy DEMATEL method considering experts’ hesitant information ZX Zhang, L Wang, YM Wang, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A novel interval-valued three-way decision theory under multiple criteria environment XH Pan, YM Wang, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A Personality-Aware Group Recommendation System Based on Pairwise Preferences R Abolghasemi, P Engelstad, E Herrera-Viedma, A Yazidi. (25) 2022
A Preliminary Approach for using Metric Learning in Monotonic Classification JL Suárez, G González-Almagro, S García, F Herrera. (21) 2022
A Proposal to Generate Planning Problems with Graph Neural Networks C Núnez-Molina, P Mesejo, J Fernández-Olivares. (38) 2022
A q-rung orthopair fuzzy decision-making model with new score function and best-worst method for manufacturer selection L Xiao, G Huang, W Pedrycz, D Pamucar, L Martínez, G Zhang. (35) 2022
A real-world intelligent system for the diagnosis and triage of COVID-19 in the emergency department ML Leidinger, FA Royón, O Etxeberria, L Balderas, AJL Ramos-Bossini, .... (8, 27) 2022
A regret-theory-based three-way decision method with a priori probability tolerance dominance relation in fuzzy incomplete information systems W Wang, J Zhan, C Zhang, E Herrera-Viedma, G Kou. (25) 2022
A review on data fusion in multimodal learning analytics and educational data mining W Chango, JA Lara, R Cerezo, C Romero. (124) 2022
A Rule-Learning Approach for Detecting Faults in Highly Configurable Software Systems from Uniform Random Samples R Heradio, D Fernandez-Amoros, V Ruiz, MJ Cobo. (58) 2022
A sentiment analysis-based two-stage consensus model of large-scale group with core-periphery structure Y Liang, Y Ju, P Dong, XJ Zeng, L Martínez, J Dong, A Wang. (35) 2022
A Stochastic Perspective on a Group Decision-Making Method Based on Two-Dimension 2-Tuple Linguistic Information Z Wang, YM Wang, L Martínez. (35) 2022
A Survey on Evolutionary Computation for Computer Vision and Image Analysis: Past, Present, and Future Trends Y Bi, B Xue, P Mesejo, S Cagnoni, M Zhang. (38) 2022
A survey on extremism analysis using natural language processing: definitions, literature review, trends and challenges J Torregrosa, G Bello-Orgaz, E Martínez-Cámara, JD Ser, D Camacho. (32) 2022
A Taxonomy of Information Attributes for Test Case Prioritisation: Applicability, Machine Learning A Ramírez, R Feldt, JR Romero. (239) 2022
A three-way decision approach with a probability dominance relation based on prospect theory for incomplete information systems W Wang, J Zhan, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2022
A Trust Risk Dynamic Management Mechanism Based on Third-Party Monitoring for the Conflict-Eliminating Process of Social Network Group Decision Making M Li, Y Xu, X Liu, F Chiclana, F Herrera. (116) 2022
A unifying view of class overlap and imbalance: Key concepts, multi-view panorama, and open avenues for research MS Santos, PH Abreu, N Japkowicz, A Fernández, J Santos. (18) 2022
A Web Group Decision Support System Based on Granular Computing FJ Cabrerizo, JC González-Quesada, IJ Pérez, MJ Cobo, .... (25, 9, 58, 61) 2022
Accelerated pattern search with variable solution size for simultaneous instance selection and generation HL Le, F Neri, D Landa-Silva, I Triguero. (67) 2022

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