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2D and 3D segmentation of organs using artificial intelligence M Manko, J Ramírez. (44) 2024
A belief rule-based classification system using fuzzy unordered rule induction algorithm Y Li, IJ Pérez, FJ Cabrerizo, H Garg, JA Morente-Molinera. (61, 9, 59) 2024
A bilateral negotiation mechanism by dynamic harmony threshold for group consensus decision making M Cao, F Chiclana, Y Liu, J Wu, E Herrera-Viedma. (25, 116) 2024
A Comparative Study of Deep Learning Approaches for Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis Based on the Clock-Drawing Test C Jimenez-Mesa, JE Arco, M Valenti-Soler, B Frades-Payo, .... (44, 23, 263, 60, 156) 2024
A comprehensive view of biometric payment in retailing: A complete study from user to expert C Zarco, J Giráldez-Cru, O Cordón, F Liébana-Cabanillas. (135, 15, 137) 2024
A conceptual clustering method for large-scale group decision-making with linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra K Pang, Y Lu, L Martínez, W Pedrycz, L Zou, M Lu. (35) 2024
A Confidence and Conflict-based Consensus Reaching Process for Large-scale Group Decision Making Problems with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Representations RX Ding, B Yang, GR Yang, MN Li, X Wang, F Chiclana. (116) 2024
A Cross-Modality Latent Representation for the Prediction of Clinical Symptomatology in Parkinson’s Disease C Vázquez-García, FJ Martinez-Murcia, JE Arco, IA Illán, C Jiménez-Mesa, .... (6, 36, 44, 23, 263, 156) 2024
A decision-support model through online reviews: Consumer preference analysis and product ranking P Wu, T Tang, L Zhou, L Martínez. (35) 2024
A fuzzy-based IoMT intelligent data platform for enhanced glucose data interpretation and healthcare assistance JL López Ruiz, JF Gaitán Guerrero, C Martínez Cruz, M Espinilla Estevez. (17) 2024
A general approach to assessing SHM reliability considering sensor failures based on information theory W Wu, S Cantero-Chinchilla, D Prescott, R Remenyte-Prescott, .... (111) 2024
A Method of Predicting and Managing Public Opinion on Social Media: An Agent-based Simulation GR Yang, X Wang, RX Ding, JT Cai, JD Xu, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2024
A new approach for solving global optimization and engineering problems based on modified Sea Horse Optimizer FA Hashim, RR Mostafa, RA Khurma, R Qaddoura, PA Castillo. (120) 2024
A new Consensus Reaching Method for Group Decision-Making based on the Large Language Model Gemini for Detecting Hostility During the Discussion Process JR Trillo, FJ Cabrerizo, IJ Pérez, JA Morente-Molinera, E Herrera-Viedma. (61, 9, 59, 25) 2024
A New Horizon in Healthcare: An Innovative Methodology for Sensor-Based Adherence Platforms in Home Monitoring of Key Treatment Indicators D Díaz-Jiménez, JL López, JG Lama, M Espinilla. (17) 2024
A Novel Groundnut Leaf Dataset for Detection and Classification of Groundnut Leaf Diseases B Sasmal, A Das, KG Dhal, SB Saheb, RA Khurma, PA Castillo. (120) 2024
A novel interval type-2 fuzzy consensus reaching process model and group decision-making method for renewable energy investment S Wang, XH Pan, L Martínez, A Moreno-Albarracín. (35) 2024
A novel Multi-Criteria Decision Making framework based on Evidential Reasoning dealing with missing information from online reviews SF He, XH Pan, YM Wang, DG Zamora, L Martínez. (35, 283) 2024
A novel myocarditis detection combining deep reinforcement learning and an improved differential evolution algorithm J Yang, T Sadiq, J Xiong, M Awais, U Aslam Bhatti, R Alizadehsani, .... (23) 2024
A novel semi-empirical approach to non-destructively evaluate the effect of infills on frame buildings J Barros, M Chiachío, L Morillas, W Torres, D Suco. (111) 2024
A picture fuzzy set multi criteria decision-making approach to customize hospital recommendations based on patient feedback M Bani-Doumi, J Serrano-Guerrero, F Chiclana, FP Romero, JA Olivas. (116) 2024
A Quantum Group Decision Model for Meteorological Disaster Emergency Response Based on DS evidence theory and Choquet Integral S Yan, Y Xu, Z Gong, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2024
A semi-empirical method for shear response modelling of masonry infilled frame structures J Barros, M Chiachío, J Fernández, L Morillas, J Consuegra. (111) 2024
A sentiment analysis and dual trust relationship-based approach to large-scale group decision-making for online reviews: A case study of China Eastern Airlines L Guo, J Zhan, G Kou, L Martínez. (35) 2024
A Survey on EEG Phase Amplitude Coupling to Speech Rhythm for the Prediction of Dyslexia N Gallego-Molina, FJ Martinez-Murcia, MA Formoso, D Castillo-Barnes, .... (236, 36, 44, 23, 74, 60) 2024
A Systematic Literature Review on Task Allocation and Performance Management Techniques in Cloud Data Center N Chauhan, N Kaur, KS Saini, S Verma, A Alabdulatif, RA Khurma, .... (120, 121) 2024
A tolerance index based non-cooperative behaviour managing method with minimum cost in social network group decision making Q Sun, J Wu, F Chiclana, F Ji. (116) 2024
A Tutorial on Federated Learning from Theory to Practice: Foundations, Software Frameworks, Exemplary Use Cases, and Selected Trends MV Luzón, N Rodríguez-Barroso, A Argente-Garrido, D Jiménez-López, .... (33, 244, 24, 144) 2024
A two-stage stochastic preference analysis on group decision making with interval additive preference relations J Li, L Zhou, L Martínez, M Deveci, Q Wu. (35) 2024
A utility-based three-way group decision consensus model with overlapping subgroups Y Xu, Y Ju, Z Gong, J Sun, P Dong, C Porcel, E Herrera-Viedma. (25, 43) 2024
Adaptive payoff-driven interaction in networked snowdrift games X Xiong, Y Yao, M Feng, M Chica. (14) 2024
Addressing multi-attribute large-scale group decision making with overlapping subgroups: A bidirectional adjustment consensus reaching method for heterogeneous decision makers Y Xu, Y Ju, P Dong, T Ju, P Maresova, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2024
Admissible OWA Operators for Fuzzy Numbers D García-Zamora, A Cruz, F Neres, RHN Santiago, AFRL de Hierro, .... (35, 283) 2024
Advancing Computational Frontiers: Spiking Neural Networks in High-Energy Efficiency Computing Across Diverse Domains B Ayasi, ÁM García-Vico, CJ Carmona, M Saleh. (11, 81) 2024
Adversarial attacks and defences in Federated Learning N Rodríguez Barroso. (144) 2024
Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis from single and multimodal data using machine and deep learning models: Achievements and future directions A Elazab, C Wang, M Abdelaziz, J Zhang, J Gu, JM Gorriz, Y Zhang, .... (23) 2024
An AI knowledge‐based system for police assistance in crime investigation C Fernandez‐Basso, K Gutiérrez‐Batista, J Gómez‐Romero, MD Ruiz, .... (274) 2024
An automatic prediction of students’ performance to support the university education system: a deep learning approach Y Alshamaila, H Alsawalqah, I Aljarah, M Habib, H Faris, M Alshraideh, .... (252) 2024
An experimental evaluation of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms for HVAC control A Manjavacas, A Campoy-Nieves, J Jiménez-Raboso, M Molina-Solana, .... (274, 273) 2024
An extended multi-expert concept lattice-based heterogeneous multi-attribute group decision-making approach K Pang, C Fu, L Martínez, J Liu, L Zou, M Lu. (35) 2024
An Incentive Mechanism-Based Minimum Adjustment Consensus Model Under Dynamic Trust Relationship Y Xing, J Wu, F Chiclana, C Liang, RR Yager. (116) 2024
An integrated decision framework for evaluating and recommending health care services B Alshouha, J Serrano-Guerrero, F Chiclana, FP Romero, JA Olivas. (116) 2024
An intelligent rule-oriented framework for extracting key factors for grants scholarships in higher education Y Alshamaila, H Alsawalqah, M Habib, N Al-Madi, H Faris, M Alshraideh, .... (252) 2024
An Interactive Approach to Build Fuzzy Color Spaces [AI-eXplained] M Mengíbar-Rodríguez, J Chamorro-Martínez, JM Keller. (275) 2024
An Interpretable Client Decision Tree Aggregation process for Federated Learning A Argente-Garrido, C Zuheros, M Luzón, F Herrera. (33) 2024
An OPA-F-Based Single-Valued Neutrosophic Fuzzy MARCOS Approach with Dombi Aggregation Operators for Evaluating Indoor Sex Work Risk in the Economy P Majumder, A Das, P Kaliyaperumal, T Senapati, L Martinez, RR Yager. (35) 2024
Analysis and classification of employee attrition and absenteeism in industry: A sequential pattern mining-based methodology MS Nawaz, MZ Nawaz, P Fournier-Viger, JM Luna. (31) 2024
Application of Choquet–OWA Aggregation Operator to Fuse ELICIT Information W He, W Liang, Á Labella, RM Rodríguez. (138) 2024
Application of spatial uncertainty predictor in CNN-BiLSTM model using coronary artery disease ECG signals S Seoni, F Molinari, UR Acharya, OS Lih, PD Barua, S García, M Salvi. (21) 2024
Artificial intelligence for atrial fibrillation detection, prediction, and treatment: A systematic review of the last decade (2013–2023) M Salvi, MR Acharya, S Seoni, O Faust, RS Tan, PD Barua, S García, .... (21) 2024

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