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(CMMSE2018) A novel fuzzy methodology applied for ranking trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and new properties AF Roldán López de Hierro, A Márquez Montávez, C Roldán. 2019
ω-Interpolative Ćirić-Reich-Rus-Type Contractions H Aydi, E Karapinar, A Roldán López de Hierro. 2019
30 years of intelligence models in management and business: A bibliometric review JR López-Robles, JR Otegi-Olaso, IP Gómez, MJ Cobo. 2019
4CPS-104 Chemotherapy treatment in colorectal cancer patients older than 70 years at a tertiary hospital JJA Sanchez, JC del Río Valencia, RT Bermejo, IM Castillo. 2019
A Bayesian assessment of an approximate model for unconfined water flow in sloping layered porous media J Chiachío, M Chiachío, S Sankararaman, D Prescott. 2019
A binocular image fusion approach for minimizing false positives in handgun detection with deep learning R Olmos, S Tabik, A Lamas, F Pérez-Hernández, F Herrera. 2019
A business process clustering algorithm using incremental covering arrays to explore search space and balanced Bayesian information criterion to evaluate quality of solutions H Ordoñez, J Torres-Jimenez, C Cobos, A Ordoñez, E Herrera-Viedma, .... 2019
A Choquet Integral-Based GLDS Method for Green Supplier Selection with Hesitant Fuzzy Information Z Liao, H Liao, A Al-Barakati. 2019
A Classification Method of Photos in a Tourism Website by Color Analysis J Sasaki, S Li, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A comprehensive analysis of deep regression S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, X Alameda-Pineda, R Horaud. 2019
A consensus model for large-scale linguistic group decision making with a feedback recommendation based on clustered personalized individual semantics and opposing consensus groups CC Li, Y Dong, F Herrera. 2019
A consensus-based probabilistic linguistic gained and lost dominance score method X Wu, H Liao*. 2019
A First Approximation to the Effects of Classical Time Series Preprocessing Methods on LSTM Accuracy DT Viedma, AJR Rivas, FC Ojeda, MJ del Jesus Díaz. 2019
A Fuzzy Linguistic RFM Model Applied to Campaign Management. R Alberto Carrasco, M Francisca Blasco, J García-Madariaga, .... 2019
A grammar-guided genetic programing algorithm for associative classification in Big Data F Padillo, JM Luna, S Ventura. 2019
A Group Decision Making Approach Considering Self-confidence Behaviors and Its Application in Environmental Pollution Emergency Management X Liu, Y Xu, Y Ge, W Zhang, F Herrera. 2019
A hesitant fuzzy linguistic Choquet integral-based MULTIMOORA method for multiple criteria decision making and its application in talent selection ZXEKZ Zhiqiang Liao, Huchang Liao, Xunjie Gou. 2019
A Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Combined Compromise Solution Method for Multiple Criteria Decision Making Z Wen, H Liao, A Mardani, A Al-Barakati. 2019
A holographic mobile-based application for practicing pronunciation of basic English vocabulary for Spanish speaking children R Cerezo, V Calderón, C Romero. 2019
A Hybrid Group Decision Making Framework for Achieving Agreed Solutions based on Stable Opinions Q Dong, X Zhou, L Martínez. 2019
A hybrid multi-criteria decision making model for elective admission control in a Chinese public hospital T Zhu, L Luo, H Liao*, X Zhang, W Shen. 2019
A knowledge-based prognostics framework for railway track geometry degradation J Chiachío, M Chiachío, D Prescott, J Andrews. 2019
A Machine Learning Approach to Reveal the NeuroPhenotypes of Autisms JM Górriz, J Ramírez, F Segovia, FJ Martínez, MC Lai, MV Lombardo, .... 2019
A multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy system to obtain a broad and accurate set of solutions in intrusion detection systems S Elhag, A Fernández, A Altalhi, S Alshomrani, F Herrera. 2019
A new fusion of salp swarm with sine cosine for optimization of non-linear functions N Singh, F Chiclana, JP Magnot. 2019
A new perspective of Bayesian formula based on D-S theory in interval intuitionistic fuzzy environment and its applications J Ye, Z Xu, X Gou. 2019
A novel fuzzy methodology applied for ranking trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and new properties AF Roldán López de Hierro, A Márquez Montávez, C Roldán. 2019
A novel multi-criteria group decision-making method for heterogeneous and dynamic contexts using multi-granular fuzzy linguistic modelling and consensus measures JA Morente-Molinera, X Wu, A Morfeq, R Al-Hmouz, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A procedure for group decision making with interval-valued intuitionistic linguistic fuzzy preference relations J Tang, F Meng, FJ Cabrerizo, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A prospect theory-based group decision approach considering consensus for portfolio selection with hesitant fuzzy information X Zhou, L Wang, H Liao*, S Wang, B Lev, H Fujita. 2019
A Review of Fingerprint Feature Representations and Their Applications for Latent Fingerprint Identification: Trends and Evaluation D Valdes-Ramirez, MA Medina-Pérez, R Monroy, O Loyola-González, .... 2019
A review of greenhouse gas emission profiles, dynamics, and climate change mitigation efforts across the key climate change players X Zheng, D Streimikiene, T Balezentis, A Mardani, F Cavallaro, H Liao. 2019
A review on the self and dual interactions between machine learning and optimisation H Song, I Triguero, E Özcan. 2019
A review on trust propagation and opinion dynamics in social networks and group decision making frameworks R Urena, G Kou, Y Dong, F Chiclana, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A robust Bayesian methodology for damage localization in plate-like structures using ultrasonic guided-waves S Cantero-Chinchilla, J Chiachío, M Chiachío, D Chronopoulos, A Jones. 2019
A Scalable Approach to Fuzzy Rough Nearest Neighbour Classification with Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators OU Lenz, D Peralta, C Cornelis. 2019
A Showcase of the Use of Autoencoders in Feature Learning Applications D Charte, F Charte, MJ del Jesus, F Herrera. 2019
A Simulation-Based Optimisation Approach for Inventory Management of Highly Perishable Food N Xue, D Landa-Silva, GP Figueredo, I Triguero. 2019
A social network based approach for consensus achievement in multiperson decision making R Urena, F Chiclana, G Melancon, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
A supervised methodology for analyzing dysregulation in splicing machinery: an application in cancer diagnosis O Reyes, RM Luque, J Castaño, S Ventura. 2019
A Taxonomy of Traffic Forecasting Regression Problems from a Supervised Learning Perspective JS Angarita-Zapata, AD Masegosa, I Triguero. 2019
A two-stage social trust network partition model for large-scale group decision-making problems T Wu, K Zhang, X Liu, C Cao. 2019
A unified pseudo-Cℓ framework D Alonso, J Sanchez, A Slosar, LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration. 2019
A variance-based consensus degree in group decision making problems MJ del Moral, F Chiclana, JM Tapia, E Herrera-Viedma. 2019
About the double hierarchy linguistic term set and Its extensions X Gou, H Liao. 2019
Abstract A120: Intratumoral dendritic cell dynamics in responsive and nonresponsive syngeneic murine tumor models H Xiong, S Mittman, R Rodriguez, M Moskalenko, PP Sanchez, Y Yang, .... 2019
Abstract P3-08-24: Mutational characterization of HER2-positive breast cancer AV Sánchez, AG Cudos, S Morales, JV Rodriguez, AS López, JM Olivé, .... 2019
Abstract P3-10-17: mRNA expression of HER2 by PCR as a strong predictor of pathologic response to neoadjuvant antiHER2 therapy AG Cudós, SM Murillo, JV Rodriguez, AV Sánchez, AS López, JM Olivé, .... 2019
Adaptive cooperation of multi-swarm particle swarm optimizer-based hidden Markov model A El Afia, O Aoun, S Garcia. 2019

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