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3D printing and laser cutting of architectural heritage for use in mathematics education. S Alonso, Á Martínez-Sevilla. (5) 2023
A bargaining game based feedback mechanism to support consensus in dynamic social network group decision making Y Xing, J Wu, F Chiclana, G Yu, M Cao, E Herrera-Viedma. (116, 25) 2023
A Bio-Medical Snake Optimizer System Driven by Logarithmic Surviving Global Search for Optimizing Feature Selection and its application for Disorder Recognition RA Khurma, E Alhenawi, M Braik, FA Hashim, A Chhabra, PA Castillo. (120) 2023
A comparative study of evaluating and benchmarking sign language recognition system-based wearable sensory devices using a single fuzzy set S Qahtan, HA Alsattar, AA Zaidan, M Deveci, D Pamucar, L Martinez. (35) 2023
A Comparison of Neural Network-Based Super-Resolution Models on 3D Rendered Images R Berral-Soler, FJ Madrid-Cuevas, S Ventura, R Muñoz-Salinas, .... (62) 2023
A concept lattice-based expert opinion aggregation method for multi-attribute group decision-making with linguistic information K Pang, L Martínez, N Li, J Liu, L Zou, M Lu. (35) 2023
A Consensus Model Based on Social Network Analysis in Large-Scale Group Decision Making: Mining and Managing Trust Risk Behaviors M Li, L Qiu, Y Xu, X Liu, G Kou, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2023
A consensus model for group decision-making with personalized individual self-confidence and trust semantics: A perspective on dynamic social network interactions X Liu, Y Zhang, Y Xu, M Li, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2023
A consensus model for linguistic group decision making considering emotion analysis M Xu, F Jing, X Chao, E Herrera-viedma. (25) 2023
A Consensus-Based Best-Worst Method for Multi-criteria Group Decision-Making Á Labella, D García-Zamora, RM Rodríguez, L Martínez. (35, 138) 2023
A Consensus-Based Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making Method Based on an Aggregated Operator Customised by Experts JR Trillo, FJ Cabrerizo, MJ Del Moral, JA Morente-Molinera, JM Tapia, .... (25, 59, 9) 2023
A contrast set mining based approach for cancer subtype analysis AM Trasierras, JM Luna, S Ventura. (62, 31) 2023
A distributed and energy-efficient KNN for EEG classification with dynamic money-saving policy in heterogeneous clusters JJ Escobar, F Rodríguez, B Prieto, D Kimovski, A Ortiz, M Damas. (60) 2023
A First Approach to the Generation of Linguistic Summaries from Glucose Sensors Using GPT-4 C Martinez-Cruz, JFG Guerrero, JLL Ruiz, AJ Rueda, M Espinilla. (17) 2023
A First Evolutionary Fuzzy Approach for Change Mining with Smart Bands D Padilla, MA Padilla-Rascón, R Cámara, CJ Carmona. (11) 2023
A Framework of Directed Network Based Influence-Trust Fuzzy Group Decision Making NH Kamis, A Kilicman, N A Kadir, F Chiclana. (116) 2023
A Fuzzy-set based formulation for minimum cost consensus models D García-Zamora, B Dutta, Á Labella, L Martínez. (35) 2023
A Granular-Based Approach to Address Multiplicative Consistency of Reciprocal Preference Relations in Decision-Making F Cabrerizo, A Kaklauskas, IJ Pérez, E Herrera-Viedma. (9, 25, 61) 2023
A Graph Model With Minimum Cost to Support Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Technology Transfer of New Product Co-Development H Zhang, Y Dong, F Chiclana. (116) 2023
A Group Decision-Making Method Based on Reciprocal Preference Relations Created from Sentiment Analysis JR Trillo, IJ Pérez, E Herrera-Viedma, JA Morente-Molinera, FJ Cabrerizo. (59, 25, 9, 61) 2023
A Group Decision-Making Method Based on the Experts’ Behavior During the Debate JR Trillo, E Herrera-Viedma, JA Morente-Molinera, FJ Cabrerizo. (59, 9, 25) 2023
A large-scale group consensus reaching approach considering self-confidence with two-tuple linguistic trust/distrust relationship and its application in life cycle … M Zhou, YQ Zheng, YW Chen, BY Cheng, E Herrera-Viedma, J Wu. (25) 2023
A Local Adjustment Method to Improve Multiplicative Consistency of Fuzzy Reciprocal Preference Relations Y Xu, Q Wang, F Chiclana, E Herrera-Viedma. (116, 25) 2023
A machine learning driven multiple criteria decision analysis using LS-SVM feature elimination: Sustainability performance assessment with incomplete data AI Maghsoodi, AE Torkayesh, LC Wood, E Herrera-Viedma, K Govindan. (25) 2023
A machine learning driven multiple criteria decision analysis using LS-SVM feature elimination:: Sustainability performance assessment with incomplete data A Ijadi Maghsoodi, AE Torkayesh, LC Wood, E Herrera-Viedma, .... (25) 2023
A mathematical programming method based on prospect theory for online physician selection under an R-set environment G Tang, X Zhang, B Zhu, H Seiti, F Chiclana, P Liu. (116) 2023
A Metaheuristic Approach for Life Expectancy Prediction based on Automatically Fine-tuned Models with Feature Selection R Qaddoura, MM Biltawi, H Faris. (252) 2023
A Multi-criteria Group Decision-Making Method in Changeable Scenarios Based on Self-adjustment of Weights Using Reciprocal Preference Relations JR Trillo, S Alonso, IJ Pérez, E Herrera-Viedma, JA Morente-Molinera, .... (61, 9, 25, 5, 59) 2023
A multi-objective co-evolutionary algorithm for energy and cost-oriented mixed-model assembly line balancing with multi-skilled workers Z Zhang, M Chica, Q Tang, Z Li, L Zhang. (14) 2023
A Multi-Objective Mission Planning Method for AUV Target Search Z Yan, W Liu, W Xing, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2023
A multi-objective q-rung orthopair fuzzy programming approach to heterogeneous group decision making G Tang, X Gu, F Chiclana, P Liu, K Yin. (116) 2023
A Multiclass Classification Approach for IoT Intrusion Detection Based on Feature Selection and Oversampling Z Amierh, L Hammad, R Qaddoura, H Al-Omari, H Faris. (252) 2023
A Multiclustering Evolutionary Hyperrectangle-Based Algorithm LAP Martos, ÁM García-Vico, P González, CJC del Jesus. (81, 22, 11) 2023
A Multilingual Spam Reviews Detection based on pre-trained Word Embedding and Weighted Swarm Support Vector Machines AZ Ala’M, AM Mora, H Faris. (252) 2023
A New Decision Making Method for Selection of Optimal Data using the Von Neumann-Morgenstern theorem J García Cabello. (240) 2023
A new social network driven consensus reaching process for multi-criteria group decision making with probabilistic linguistic information WC Zou, SP Wan, JY Dong, L Martínez. (35) 2023
A Non-Linear Multi-Objective Technique for Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Communication SK Das, N Dey, RG Crespo, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2023
A Novel Genetic Algorithm with Specialized Genetic Operators for Clustering H Robles-Berumen, A Zafra, S Ventura. (62, 126) 2023
A Probabilistic Linguistic Three-Way Decision Method With Regret Theory via Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm J Zhu, X Ma, L Martínez, J Zhan. (35) 2023
A Quantitative Group Decision-Making Methodology for Structural Eco-Materials Selection Based on Qualitative Sustainability Attributes M Al Shdifat, ML Jalón, E Puertas, J Chiachío. (119) 2023
A real-world intelligent system for the diagnosis and triage of COVID-19 in the emergency department. M Lastra Leidinger, F Aragón Royón, O Etxeberria, L Balderas, .... (8) 2023
A reputation-based trust evaluation model in group decision-making framework X You, F Hou, F Chiclana. (116) 2023
A Review of Symbolic, Subsymbolic and Hybrid Methods for Sequential Decision Making C Núñez-Molina, P Mesejo, J Fernández-Olivares. (38) 2023
A sentiment analysis driven method based on public and personal preferences with correlated attributes to select online doctors J Wu, G Zhang, Y Xing, Y Liu, Z Zhang, Y Dong, E Herrera-Viedma. (25) 2023
A Social Network Group Decision Making Framework with Opinion Dynamics Considering Opinion Reliability H Wang, Y Ju, E Herrera-Viedma, P Dong, Y Liang. (25) 2023
A Survey on Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation A Peláez-Vegas, P Mesejo, J Luengo. (30, 38) 2023
A Systematic Review on Food Recommender Systems for Diabetic Patients R Yera, AA Alzahrani, L Martínez, RM Rodríguez. (35, 138) 2023
A Textual Data-Oriented Method for Doctor Selection in Online Health Communities Y Du, ZS Chen, J Yang, JA Morente-Molinera, L Zhang, .... (59, 25) 2023
A Textual Data-Oriented Method for Doctor Selection in Online Health Communities. Sustainability 2023, 15, 1241 Y Du, ZS Chen, J Yang, JA Morente-Molinera, L Zhang, .... (59, 25) 2023
A three-way consensus model with regret theory under the framework of probabilistic linguistic term sets J Zhu, X Ma, G Kou, E Herrera-Viedma, J Zhan. (25) 2023

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