The Andalusian Interuniversity Institute on Data Science and Computational Intelligence (University of Granada and University of Jaén), hereinafter DaSCI Institute, is a research institute promoted by the universities of Granada (UGR), Jaén (UJA) and Córdoba (UCA).

DaSCI Institute aims to promote research, innovation and technology transfer in IA to our socioeconomic environment. The DaSCI Institute focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, focusing on Data Science, Computational Intelligence and AI-based technological applications.

The institute offers specialized training and scientific-technical consultancy services to companies.

DaSCI Institute Vision

DaSCI’s vision reflects three points of view integrated in a single structure:

  • Data Science (DS) and Computational Intelligence (CI) play a crucial role in the development of intelligent systems and their applications.
  • Intelligent systems represent an essential means for innovation.
  • Innovation drives sustainable regional growth.

The first point corresponds to DaSCI’s vision, where we establish our perception that both disciplines (DS and CI) are the key to intelligent systems. The second sentence focuses on technology transfer, presenting our main contribution in the world of innovation. The third sentence is supported by numerous studies in the most advanced societies.

This vision will only be attainable through:

  • The promotion of quality scientific research, without forgetting its technological aspects and applied character.
  • The transfer of knowledge to society, the existing advanced technologies and those developed in the Institute itself.
  • The use of resources through the joint use of the available infrastructure, strengthening the processes of attracting common resources and the use of shared support services.
  • The organisation and delivery of specialisation and professional updating courses within the scope of its competences in accordance with current regulations.
  • Raising the awareness of research staff to carry out a task of disseminating knowledge, science and technology.

Mision & Objectives

DaSCI aims to channel initiatives supporting research of excellence, knowledge transfer and specialized and postgraduate teaching in the field of Data Science and Computational Ingelligence, promoting them as a common objective of all researchers.

The mission of the institute is based on:

  • To carry out quality fundamental and applied research that achieves an international leadership position.
  • To become a meeting point for experts in the field.
  • To promote technology transfer and innovation based on the research carried out at the institute.

The DaSCI Institute has the following global and specific objectives:

  • Contribute to scientific development.
    • To obtain scientific and technological advances.
    • Achieve the status of research institute of international reference.
    • To offer specialized, avant-garde and quality training.
  • Improve business competitiveness.
    • Promote links with the business sector.
    • Transfer knowledge to the business world.
  • Strengthen the image of the region.
    • To carry out impact technological actions.
    • Strengthen the international dimension of regional R&D.
  • To bring science closer to society.
    • Collaborate with the educational system both with higher education (at a training level) and with secondary education (at an informative level).
    • To carry out actions of scientific dissemination for the citizenship.