KT Services

DaSCI offers different services related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to companies such as:

  • Creation of virtual markets by the application of AI techniques in order to use the evolution of those virtual markets to propose investments in marketing campaigns. This service is addressed to companies in the marketing industry, such as RØD Brand Consultants (RØD).
  • Big Data and Data Science based algorithms for data driving problems. This leads to the construction of AI based models from data. Potential users are data producer companies interested in extracting useful knowledge from that information, oriented to improve their services, such as SHS Consultores.
  • Automatic digitisation of medical diagnostic tests such as haemograms, so that the most relevant data is automatically extracted and recorded in the digital history of a patient. Two areas of AI, such as computer vision and natural language processing, are combined to achieve the objective. This service is offered to both medical institutions and insurance companies, such as MAPFRE.
  • Anomaly detection in the data generated by different types of sensors, using AI techniques, in order to detect potential intruders in a protected location. This leads to the construction of a system able to identify and characterize changes in the measurement of the sensors and to act in consequence, even predicting future events based on the learned of past situations. Potential users of this service are technology companies focused on the design and development of products in the field of security and detection using advanced sensorisation, such as ONTECH.
  • Computational Intelligence optimization based applications for complex problems (planning, manufacturing, …). Potential users of this service are consultancy or manufacturing companies, such as ATARFIL SL.

Furthermore, as the DaSCII-Hub has among its partners a set of extremely relevant academic partners, the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) offers services related to the development of skills needed to progress in the labour market related to AI:

  • Education and skills development through courses, such as “Data Science: A Practical Approach in the Big Data Era”, organized by the Universidad de Granada, in which members of this DIH intend to establish the bases for new emerging job opportunities. This course targets companies’ employees and entrepreneurs who understand that the application of these technologies is the path to follow for their companies.