Data Science and Big Data Area

Data Science and Big Data Area

Data Science is the discipline that gathers all the work of analysis on data sets that requires a considerable amount of skills in programming, engineering and software management, as well as extensive knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
Problem solving through Data Science involves a series of stages such as: understanding the data, extracting its properties, modeling and analyzing the problem, presenting results, and developing software to exploit the knowledge extracted. Data Science provides the tools to deal with and benefit from Big Data.

Big Data is creating new opportunities in all the aspects of technology by leveraging its most valuable asset: information. Big Data Technologies help improve efficiency, quality, and the personalized products and services offered by organizations. In scientific terms, Big Data Analysis opens new research horizons with potentially more promising results and deeper revelations than before. In many cases, Big Data analysis integrates structured and unstructured data with real-time responses, opening new paths to innovation and development.

Research Lines

There are several main research lines in the area of Data Science and Big Data.

  1. Descriptive data mining.
  2. Predictive analytics.
  3. Data preprocessing.
  4. Real-time data analysis.
  5. Big Data.
  6. Social Media Mining
  7. Neural Networks. Deep Learning

Area Coordinators

María José del Jesus Díaz, University of Jaén
Sebastián Ventura, University of Córdoba
Salvador García, University of Granada

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