Smart Data & Data Quality & Data Governance

Smart Data, Data Governance, and Data Privacy are interconnected concepts that play crucial roles in the responsible and effective management of data. Smart Data refers to the meaningful and actionable insights derived from large volumes of information through advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It involves processing and interpreting data to extract valuable knowledge, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and drive innovation. However, to harness the power of Smart Data ethically and securely, robust Data Governance practices are essential. Data Governance establishes guidelines, policies, and procedures to ensure Data Quality, security, and compliance throughout its lifecycle. Simultaneously, Data Privacy safeguards individual’s rights by protecting their personal information from unauthorized access and misuse.

By striking a balance between Smart Data utilization, strong Data Governance, and rigorous Data Privacy measures, organizations can foster a data-driven culture that respects privacy, builds trust with stakeholders, and achieves sustainable success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Current DaSCI research lines:

  • Smart Data & Data Quality: Our aim is to develop data preprocessing methods that will allow us to reach Smart Data more efficiently from raw and low-quality Big Data. 
  • Data Governance:  To establish guidelines for the correct follow-up of the data to ensure data quality along the Artificial Intelligence project pipeline.

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Del Jesus Díaz, María José
Fernández Hilario, Alberto
García López, Salvador
Luengo Martín, Julián