In our interest in continuous training and lifelong learning, different members of different areas of knowledge organize seminars for the institute’s researchers where they share lines of work and research concerns for future collaborations.

Tech Seminars in Decision Making

Decision Making VI February 4, 2019, Monday, 11:00 Place: Salón de Grados. ETSIIT, UGR VI...

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Tech Seminars in Deep Learning

Deep Learning II Seminar DaSCI DEEP LEARNING IIDescargar Deep Learning I Seminar DaSCI DEEP LEARNING...

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Tech Seminars in Technology-Aplications

Agent-based models for the evolution of cooperation June, 6, 2017, Thusday Place: Sala Usos Múltiples...

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Lotfi Zadeh Seminars: Frontiers of IA

These Seminars open to all members of the School of Informatic and Telecommunication Engineering of...

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DaSCI on the net

Online ... October 2020 ...

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