Corporate Image

Corporate image refers to the correct use of DaSCI’s brand image. It entails the use of official logos, compliance with official colors, the use of templates for presentations and other information related to the presence in social networks. Also, follow us on social media!

Finally, you can find out on this page aspects related to the affiliation in papers.

DaSCI Image

Three versions of the logo with transparent backgrounds are provided. There are other variants for high-resolution headers that can be requested using the contact form.


The green tones used in the corporate image are diverse. The following are used as institutional colors:

Hex #006825 / RGB(0,104,37)

Hex #8fac9d / RGB(143, 172, 157)

Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are provided in two formats. These templates have eight master slides so that they can be adjusted to the institutional logos of each university. Note that the covers leave a free central space for images or text to be inserted.

Master templates

University Logos

University logos with DaSCI corporate color are provided in regular and retina size.

Social Media presence

There are two brand images related to Artificial Intelligence research at andalusian level. The main one is the Andalusian Interuniversity Institute DaSCI itself. In addition, the European Digital Innovation Hub (eDIH) that DaSCI creates in collaboration with the Andalusian technology sector is of relevance. This is how AIRAndalusia was created.

DaSCI profiles

TwitterFacebookLinkedIn – InstagramTelegramYouTube

AIRAndalusia profiles

Twitter – LinkedIn

Scientific papers publication

The following is agreed upon:

  • To unify the format of affiliation by college or department. Details at the PDF.
  • Please include in the acknowledgements the sentence we indicate in the PDF according to the infrastructure that you have used.
  • In addition, it is very important that when one of these publications is accepted you should send its complete reference to Carolina Jiménez so that she can compile all of them.