Open Data

MetalDAM Open Data

MetalDAM is a metallography dataset from additive manufacturing of steels. All images were kindly provided by ArcelorMittal engineers.

MonuMAI-Open Data Open Data

MonuMAI-Open Data is a public, knowledge-rich database of monument images that has been created in the context of the MonuMAI Citizen Science project

One Restaurant Corpus Open Data

One Restaurant Corpus (ORCo) is a dataset that consists of opinions about an unique entity or opinion object in the Restaurants domain.

TripAdvisor Monuments Open Data

We present TripAdvisor Monuments (TripM), three new sets of reviews from TripAdvisor referred to the most popular monuments in Spain.

TripR-2020 Open Data

Tripadvisor Restaurant 2020 (TripR-2020) is a dataset of reviews from Tripadvisor about restaurants located in the city of London.

Vehicle Identification Open Data

Vehicle Identification is a set of vehicle images to perform identification tasks of the brand, model and years of manufacturing.

Weapon Detection Open Data

The weapon data sets that are provided in this section focus specifically on the development of intelligent video surveillance automatic systems.