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NeSIG: A Neuro-Symbolic Method for Learning to Generate Planning Problems C Núñez-Molina, P Mesejo, J Fernández-Olivares. 2023
A Survey on Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation A Peláez-Vegas, P Mesejo, J Luengo. 2023
A Review of Symbolic, Subsymbolic and Hybrid Methods for Sequential Decision Making C Núñez-Molina, P Mesejo, J Fernández-Olivares. 2023
Exploring the trade-off between performance and annotation complexity in semantic segmentation M Fernández-Moreno, B Lei, EA Holm, P Mesejo, R Moreno. 2023
Cascade of convolutional models for few-shot automatic cephalometric landmarks localization G Gomez-Trenado, P Mesejo, O Cordon. 2023
Custom Structure Preservation in Face Aging G Gomez-Trenado, S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, Ó Cordón. 2022
On the Performance of Deep Generative Models of Realistic SAT Instances I Garzón, P Mesejo, J Giráldez-Cru. 2022
FacialSCDnet: A deep learning approach for the estimation of subject-to-camera distance in facial photographs E Bermejo, E Fernandez-Blanco, A Valsecchi, P Mesejo, O Ibáñez, .... 2022
A Survey on Evolutionary Computation for Computer Vision and Image Analysis: Past, Present, and Future Trends Y Bi, B Xue, P Mesejo, S Cagnoni, M Zhang. 2022
Deep reinforcement learning in agent-based simulations for optimal media planning VA Vargas-Pérez, P Mesejo, M Chica, Ó Cordón. 2022
Employing deep learning for sex estimation of adult individuals using 2D images of the humerus J Venema, D Peula, J Irurita, P Mesejo. 2022
A Proposal to Generate Planning Problems with Graph Neural Networks C Núnez-Molina, P Mesejo, J Fernández-Olivares. 2022
A tutorial on the segmentation of metallographic images: Taxonomy, new MetalDAM dataset, deep learning-based ensemble model, experimental analysis and challenges J Luengo, R Moreno, I Sevillano, D Charte, A Peláez-Vegas, .... 2021
Deep architectures for the segmentation of frontal sinuses in X-Ray images: towards an automatic forensic identification system in comparative radiography Ó Gómez, P Mesejo, Ó Ibáñez, Ó Cordón. 2021
Herramientas de gamificación para la enseñanza de técnicas de búsqueda heurística en entornos dinámicos J Giráldez-Cru, P Mesejo, JÁ Segura, J Fernández-Olivares, A González. 2021
Automatic landmark annotation in 3D surface scans of skulls: methodological proposal and reliability study E Bermejo, K Taniguchi, Y Ogawa, R Martos, A Valsecchi, P Mesejo, .... 2021
Analysis of the performance of machine learning and deep learning methods for sex estimation of infant individuals from the analysis of 2D images of the ilium RF Ortega, J Irurita, EJE Campo, P Mesejo. 2021
Automatic segmentation of skeletal structures in X-ray images using deep learning for comparative radiography Ó Gómez, P Mesejo, Ó Ibáñez. 2021
A Survey on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Biomedical Image Analysis in Skeleton-Based Forensic Human Identification P Mesejo, R Martos, Ó Ibáñez, J Novo, M Ortega. 2020
A real-coded evolutionary algorithm-based registration approach for forensic identification using the radiographic comparison of frontal sinuses Ó Gómez, P Mesejo, Ó Ibáñez, A Valsecchi, Ó Cordón. 2020
Learning Visual Voice Activity Detection with an Automatically Annotated Dataset S Guy, S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, R Horaud. 2020
A comprehensive analysis of deep regression S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, X Alameda-Pineda, R Horaud. 2019
Neural network based reinforcement learning for audio–visual gaze control in human–robot interaction S Lathuilière, B Massé, P Mesejo, R Horaud. 2019
Understanding priors in Bayesian neural networks at the unit level M Vladimirova, J Verbeek, P Mesejo, J Arbel. 2019
Age estimation in forensic anthropology: methodological considerations about the validation studies of prediction models A Valsecchi, JI Olivares, P Mesejo. 2019
Extended Gaze Following: Detecting Objects in Videos Beyond the Camera Field of View B Massé, S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, R Horaud. 2019
Deep architectures for high-resolution multi-organ chest X-ray image segmentation O Gómez, P Mesejo, O Ibáñez, A Valsecchi, O Cordón. 2019
Bayesian neural networks become heavier-tailed with depth M Vladimirova, J Arbel, P Mesejo. 2018
Bayesian neural networks increasingly sparsify their units with depth M Vladimirova, J Arbel, P Mesejo. 2018
DeepGUM: Learning Deep Robust Regression with a Gaussian-Uniform Mixture Model S Lathuilière, P Mesejo, X Alameda-Pineda, R Horaud. 2018
Bayesian neural network priors at the level of units M Vladimirova, J Arbel, P Mesejo. 2018
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Audio-Visual Gaze Control S Lathuilière, B Massé, P Mesejo, R Horaud. 2018
Deep mixture of linear inverse regressions applied to head-pose estimation S Lathuilière, R Juge, P Mesejo, R Munoz-Salinas, R Horaud. 2017
Neural Network Reinforcement Learning for Audio-Visual Gaze Control in Human-Robot Interaction S Lathuilière, B Massé, P Mesejo, R Horaud. 2017
A Survey on Image Segmentation using Metaheuristic-based Deformable Models: State of the Art and Critical Analysis P Mesejo, O Ibáñez, O Cordón, S Cagnoni. 2016
Computer-Aided Classification of Gastrointestinal Lesions in Regular Colonoscopy P Mesejo, D Pizarro, A Abergel, O Rouquette, S Beorchia, L Poincloux, .... 2016
A differential evolution-based approach for fitting a nonlinear biophysical model to fMRI BOLD data P Mesejo, S Saillet, O David, C Bénar, J Warnking, F Forbes. 2016
Biomedical image segmentation using geometric deformable models and metaheuristics P Mesejo, A Valsecchi, L Marrakchi-Kacem, S Cagnoni, S Damas. 2015
Artificial neuron–glia networks learning approach based on cooperative coevolution P Mesejo, O Ibánez, E Fernández-Blanco, F Cedrón, A Pazos, .... 2015
Estimating biophysical parameters from BOLD signals through evolutionary-based optimization P Mesejo, S Saillet, O David, C Bénar, JM Warnking, F Forbes. 2015
An Analysis of Errors in Graph-Based Keypoint Matching and Proposed Solutions T Collins, P Mesejo, A Bartoli. 2014
Automatic evolutionary medical image segmentation using deformable models A Valsecchi, P Mesejo, L Marrakchi-Kacem, S Cagnoni, S Damas. 2014
Automatic segmentation of anatomical structures using deformable models and bio-inspired/soft computing P Mesejo Santiago. 2014
Texture Classification of Proteins using Support Vector Machines and Bio-Inspired Metaheuristics C Fernandez-Lozano, JA Seoane Fernández, P Mesejo, YSG Nashed, .... 2014
Particle swarm optimization and differential evolution for model-based object detection R Ugolotti, YSG Nashed, P Mesejo, ŠP Ivekovič, L Mussi, S Cagnoni. 2013
Automatic hippocampus localization in histological images using Differential Evolution-based deformable models P Mesejo, R Ugolotti, F Di Cunto, M Giacobini, S Cagnoni. 2013
Visual search of neuropil-enriched RNAs from brain in situ hybridization data through the image analysis pipeline Hippo-ATESC R Ugolotti, P Mesejo, S Zongaro, B Bardoni, G Berto, F Bianchi, I Molineris, .... 2013
Algorithm configuration using GPU-based metaheuristics R Ugolotti, YSG Nashed, P Mesejo, S Cagnoni. 2013
Segmentation of histological images using a metaheuristic-based level set approach P Mesejo, S Cagnoni, A Costalunga, D Valeriani. 2013
An experimental study on the automatic segmentation of in situ hybridization-derived images P Mesejo, S Cagnoni. 2013
GPU-based Automatic Configuration of Differential Evolution: a case study R Ugolotti, P Mesejo, YSG Nashed, S Cagnoni. 2013
2D-page texture classification using support vector machines and genetic algorithms: A hybrid approach for texture image analysis C Fernandez-Lozano, JA Seoane, P Mesejo, YSG Nashed, S Cagnoni, .... 2013
libCudaOptimize: an open source library of GPU-based metaheuristics YSG Nashed, R Ugolotti, P Mesejo, S Cagnoni. 2012
Automatic segmentation of hippocampus in histological images of mouse brains using deformable models and random forest P Mesejo, R Ugolotti, S Cagnoni, F Di Cunto, M Giacobini. 2012
A comparative study of three GPU-based metaheuristics YSG Nashed, P Mesejo, R Ugolotti, J Dubois-Lacoste, S Cagnoni. 2012
First results and future developments of the MIBISOC Project in the IBISlab of the University of Parma S Cagnoni, O Cordón, P Mesejo, YSG Nashed, R Ugolotti. 2012
Optimización mediante Computación Evolutiva de la interacción Neurona-Astrocito en Redes Neurogliales Artificiales F Romero-Porta, P Mesejo, O Ibáñez, AB Porto-Pazos. 2012
Artificial astrocytes improve neural network performance AB Porto-Pazos, N Veiguela, P Mesejo, M Navarrete, A Alvarellos, .... 2011
Automatic hippocampus localization in histological images using PSO-based deformable models R Ugolotti, P Mesejo, S Cagnoni, M Giacobini, F Di Cunto. 2011
Swarm intelligence techniques for image analysis and pattern recognition S Cagnoni, M Mordonini, PM Santiago, L Mussi, Y Nashed, R Ugolotti. 2010
2D-PAGE Analysis Using Evolutionary Computation P Mesejo, E Fernández-Blanco, D Martínez-Feijóo, FJ Blanco. 2009
2D-PAGE image analysis using evolutionary computation P Mesejo, E Fernández-Blanco, JA Seoane Fernández, C Ruiz Romero, .... 2008
Diagnóstico por Imagen en Reumatología: de la Imagen Radiológica a la Imagen Molecular JA Seoane Fernández, P Mesejo, C Ruiz Romero, J Dorado, A Pazos, .... 2007

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