The PTS Foundation and the AI Granada Foundation sign an agreement to promote the development of artificial intelligence and its application to the bio-health sector Noticia

The PTS Granada Foundation, a public entity supported by the Regional Ministry of Universities, Research and Innovation, and the AI Granada Research & Innovation Foundation, have today signed a collaboration agreement to carry out joint promotion, training and research activities aimed at fostering the development of artificial intelligence and its application in the bio-health sector in Andalusia.

The gender gap is visible in research topics and impacts on scientific impact Noticia

Un reciente estudio llevado a cabo por investigadores DaSCI-UGR y la Universidad de Cádiz analiza mediante IA las temáticas mayoritarias en las publicaciones científicas entre hombres y mujeres en el área de biblioteconomía y documentación. Es bien conocido en la literatura que existe una brecha de género en la producción e impacto científico, donde las mujeres tienden a recibir menos citas que sus compañeros hombres. Los resultados de este estudio revelan una relación entre las temáticas abordadas y el impacto académico alcanzado, revelando las disparidades de género en el ámbito académico. 

Granada Salud expands its strategic collaboration network in the field of health sciences, technology and business Noticia

Granada, 23/05/24. The Granada Salud initiative takes a significant step forward by expanding its network with the incorporation of new members, which will strengthen the development of this interdisciplinary working group at regional and local level. In addition to the thirty public and private entities that make up this network of resources, the involvement of […]

University-Business Chair in AI – UGR-Repsol Noticia

The UGR obtains, in collaboration with Repsol, one of the university-business chairs in Artificial Intelligence awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

It is financed with 1.6 million euros over four years and will allow the development of the project ‘Ethical, Responsible and General Purpose Artificial Intelligence: Applications in Risk Scenarios’

Conferences and activities on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Noticia

#Outreach #November November has allowed DaSCI researchers to visit university centers in Cuba and Brazil, with the aim of joining ties between Spain and Latin America, to publicize the institute’s research areas and to promote future lines of collaboration. Plenary talk by Francisco Herrera “Secure and reliable artificial intelligence: Risk and auditability scenarios” at the […]

Ten Granada research projects to keep track of in 2023 Noticia

#News #InMedia The IDEAL newspaper of Granada publishes in its publication of Sunday, February 19, 2023 a news item that lists ten cutting-edge researches that will be of interest for their results. They refer to projects of the University of Granada, DaSCI, CSIC and Genyo among others. Two of those mentioned are GOIMAI ( and […]

Artificial Intelligence: the Idea of the year 2022 Noticia

#News #InMedia In the special supplement of the newspaper El Mundo of Monday, December 26, 2022, Artificial Intelligence is presented as the idea of the year. With the title “The great leap forward of Artificial Intelligence” and the support of the Dall.E image generator that illustrates the 8 pages of this special, three questions are […]

Six AI projects from Granada that go to the market Noticia

#News #InMedia Six DaSCI researchers share their projects in IDEAL newspaper These tools show how Science leaves the laboratories to have a direct impact on companies and administrations by providing solutions. IDEAL de  Granada (In Spanish)

The UGR and the CGPJ present in Granada a book on Law and Artificial Intelligence Noticia

#News #InMedia The work that has been prefaced by the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas. The text collects the different editions of the course on Law and Artificial Intelligence in which participate, among others, the director of the Institute Francisco Herrera and the researchers Óscar Cordón and María José del […]

Towards artificial intelligence… and environmental intelligence Noticia

#News #InMedia In a joint interview with EFE, Rosana Montes and Siham Tabik, full professors in the departments of Languages and Computer Systems, and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada, respectively, give good proof that AI and sustainability already go hand in hand. In a world increasingly concerned about the consequences […]