The City Council of Guarroman is inspired by the efforts of our researcher Rosa María Rodríguez Domínguez to create an extraordinary award for high school students in the province of Jaén

7 October, 2021


This city council sees in the word Effort a more than necessary value in the educational world. Therefore, it has created the Rosa Rodríguez Extraordinary Award for Compulsory Education at provincial level to the best academic record of the course. In this way it wants to recognize the most diligent secondary school student in the province during the year.

The award, whose rules were approved in the plenary last September 2021, bears the name of the researcher from Guarromanense of the University of Jaén, Rosa María Rodríguez Domínguez, an example of personal and academic improvement. “It represents tenacity, perseverance and dedication to a dream. It is our small tribute to a great woman and neighbor,” says the mayor, Alberto Rubio.

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