Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the framework of South Tech Week 2020

18 December, 2019

The “South Tech Week 2020” will take place in Granada 11-12th March 2020. This event will bring together more than 1000 people. The venue will be the “Palacio de Congresos” of our city. This event was announced on Tuesday at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering building of the University of Granada.

After the presentation of the event Francisco Herrera (director of our Institute) gave a lecture on “Challenges of Artificial Intelligence”.

For Francisco Herrera, “AI is a technology that will transform our society and will have an impact on all areas of knowledge. It will mean a revolution similar to the one that provoked the Internet”. In DaSCI we focus our efforts in three areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Data Science, Computational Intelligence and technological applications based on AI.

More info in canal UGR and Periódico Ideal (in Spanish)