Researchers from the UGR apply AI techniques for the sharing economy platforms to find out how they manage user trust

11 March, 2020

A group of researchers including Manuel Chica, a researcher at the Institute, has published “Nature Scientific Reports” an article in which they develop their research by applying artificial intelligence techniques to collaborative economy platforms such as Airbnb or Blablacar in order to understand the mechanisms that govern them.

Researchers from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and the Technischen Universität Berlin (Germany) have also participated in this work.

In recent years the number of collaborative economy platforms such as Airbnb or BlaBlacar has increased enormously, changing the way we travel, go on holiday or stay. So much so that the collaborative economy (‘sharing economy’ in English) has shaped our current society and influenced government and business decisions. The Internet and the use of mobile apps have facilitated the development of the collaborative economy, increasing the number of users and existing applications and platforms.

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