The Institute celebrates its first “DaSCI Day”

18 June, 2021

Last Friday, 18 June 2021 and coinciding with the Institute’s Council Celebration, a large number of DaSCI researchers gathered in a virtual meeting to celebrate the DaSCI Day.

This year we have been working intensively on improving communication and dissemination aspects in the Institute. In this process we have been advised by the “Fundación Descubre” and one of their proposals was to find a space and a time for all members of the Institute to celebrate and take the pulse of our activities. Over the last few years, the number of researchers and students at DaSCI has not stopped growing and there are now more than 140 of us who have never had the opportunity to meet together before.

This year, since we were not all vaccinated yet, it didn’t seem sensible to have a physical meeting, so we had a virtual meeting in which we shared an “aperitif”. We had a very pleasant time with a lot of laughs, a contest and even a raffle with two brand new winners.

We are determined that this will be the first of many physical meetings that will take place every June 14th, the date on which the Institute is officially born and on which we hope to continue celebrating the growth of our project.