The project “CUSTODES. Intelligent systems for image processing and threat detection in conflict scenarios” is presented in Jaén

5 February, 2020

Led by researchers from the Institute, this project aims to develop software that will enable the Ministry of Defence to have Artificial Intelligence systems for decision-making.

The project will be led by María José del Jesus and Francisco Charte as co-directors of the University of Jaén and Francisco Herrera and Siham Tabik as co-directors of the University of Granada. The rest of the research team is composed of six members of DaSCI.

The tool to be developed with Artificial Intelligence techniques aims to identify significant elements and anomalies in conflict scenarios from images from different sources and with different typology. In the words of María José del Jesus “”we propose a project centred on one of the R+D themes contemplated in the call for proposals from the Ministry of Defence. “The project tries to contribute to give an answer to some of the needs of the 2035 Brigade of the Spanish Army. In this scenario, Defense can benefit from the development of tools that integrate and merge this information and optimize the management of these large volumes of data and learn models to have complete knowledge of what is happening in a given area and help in the decision making process”

Without a doubt, this is a new challenge for the Institute that will allow us to continue researching and finding synergies with sectors that are a priori as distant as the military.

More information Canal UGR and COPE Jaén (in Spanish)