18th Course on Scientific Current Trends

9 February, 2023

#Teaching #Event: FEBRUARY | MARCH 2023

With the title “Artificial Intelligence: a door to the future“, the Parque de las Ciencias and DaSCI organize this Scientific Dissemination Course that aims to present the most important ideas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through various applications that we can find around us.

The course aims that anyone has access to know what AI is, what it offers us and what would be important to know about it, as well as that teachers can transmit this knowledge in the classroom to students so that they become familiar with the tools developed with AI.

Artificial Intelligence is not a chimera, nor a science or a technology of the future, but we have it very present around us with the development of many applications and with a very important projection, which will affect us in everyday life. Therefore, it is important to know what Artificial Intelligence offers us and what it will offer us in the near future.

Program: 2023-PdC-UGR-CursoActualidadCientifica