Hour of Code at University of Jaén

27 October, 2023

#Special Event #October

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Jaén (coordinated by PhD Lina García-Cabrera) is promoting “Hour of Code” in the province of Jaén in many ways:

  • This event has received the support of the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation. From this institution of the University of Jaén:
    • An email has been sent to all high and elementary schools of Jaén Province (Andalusia, Spain) to promote the organization of hours of code.
    • Documentation and materials have been sent to explain how to organize hours of code.
    • The CS Department has provided advice to Schools training teachers or sent volunteer students of Computer Science Engineering.
  • Posters have been translated into Spanish to promote the global event the Hour of Code (Code.org)”.
  • College students of Computer Science Engineering (coordinated by the student Alba Gómez-Liébana) come together and sign up to volunteer in many ways:
    • In order to carry out hours of code in high and elementary schools of Jaén Province (Andalusia, Spain)  that request it.
    • In order to train the teachers of schools of the province of Jaén that would like to hold hours of code.
    • To Promote the Hour of Code in social networks.
    • Dra. Lina García-Cabrera with the help of the student Alba Gómez-Liébana trained the students on October 25, 2023 on how to do hours of code in the schools of the province of Jaén that requested it.
    • Code hours aimed at high school students were held in November and December, 2023 at the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Jaén.