Episode 17: Recurrent networks

22 February, 2022

#podcast #T2E9

Data. Always data. Data is all around us, and there is a lot of talk about personal data, profiles, etc. But there is a special type that is not so well known: sequences. Data ordered according to a specific criterion; for example, this text. It is ordered according to the grammatical rules of a language, and would not be understandable without this order. Or sound, a series of amplitudes that evolve over time. And to deal with sequential data, the most relevant proposal during the last few years were recurrent networks, such as LSTMs. In this episode we talk about recurrent networks, yoga and time series applications, together with our colleague from the DaSCI institute, Ignacio Aguilera Martos.

In this episode we return to the topic of artificial neural networks… a “recurring” topic in our podcast. And to talk about this fascinating topic we have with us today our colleague Ignacio Aguilera Martos who will tell us about uses and applications of this technology.

Links: https://alphacode.deepmind.com

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