Episode 18: Genetic Algorithms

10 March, 2022

#podcast #T2E10

Dear biologists, we have plagiarized you!! First it was Charles Darwin in his famous book “The Origin of Species“, where he talks about genetics (the science that studies how certain traits and characteristics are transmitted from parents to offspring), natural selection and survival of the fittest. Then it was John Holland, years later, taking these ideas and building for the first time an optimization algorithm capable of evolution. And today, finally in this episode, we talk to you about these curious “Genetic” Algorithms, fish and trunks, together with our colleague from DaSCI Institute, Dr. Manuel Lozano Márquez.

Manuel Lozano Márquez is a professor at the University of Granada and a member of our institute. His research interests focus on evolutionary and bio-inspired algorithms for optimization. He has more than 50 publications in this area, using practically all the optimization algorithms available (simulated annealing, tabu search, memetic algorithms, swarm algorithms…)… and of course Genetic Algorithms.

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