Episode 24: Cinema and AI

2 November, 2022

#podcast #T3E3 2 november, 2022

In the movie Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg, it is said that “creating an artificial man has always been the dream of science”. This is reflected in countless movies related to Artificial Intelligence where, usually, a humanoid robot that has to make intelligent and sometimes ethically conflicting decisions is physically represented. In this episode we review the most explored topics in AI movies, their biases, clichés and other related topics. For this we have the collaboration of Pablo García Sánchez, professor and researcher at the University of Granada, who has worked on these issues and, in addition, is a hopeless cinephile.

Guest: Pablo García Sánchez

More information:

  • The Simpsons did it: Exploring the film trope space and its large scale structure. P García-Sánchez, A Velez-Estevez, JJ Merelo, MJ Cobo. Plos one 16 (3), e024888122021
  • StarTroper, a film trope rating optimizer using machine learning and evolutionary algorithms. RH García‐Ortega, P García‐Sánchez, JJ Merelo‐Guervós. Expert Systems 37 (6), e1252572020
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