Episode 36: Our personality makes us better

8 April, 2024

#podcast #T4E7 08 abr, 2024

In this episode we will talk about the most used artificial intelligence tools in biology. We will talk with Elisa Díaz de la Guardia-Bolívar, biotechnology and computer science, about her latest publication and how these tools have assisted in her research. Do our genes define our personality? Can our personality modify our genes? We will discover the answer to this and many other questions in this new episode of SintonIA: AI and the airwaves.

You can consult the sources: Del Val, C., Díaz de la Guardia-Bolívar, E., Zwir, I. et al. Gene expression networks regulated by human personality. Mol Psychiatry (2024)


Listen “SintonIA 36 – Nuestra personalidad nos hace mejores.