Episode 5: Fake News

11 May, 2021

#podcast #T1E5

There’s a lot of talk lately about fake news. Fake news, also known as hoaxes, is one of the biggest problems facing the information society. The ability to spread and the reach they have has multiplied the potential to misinform, especially if they are specifically designed to do so. In this episode we will talk about hoaxes, disinformation and infodemia, and how there are tools based on artificial intelligence that can help, not only to verify content automatically, but also to provide new filtering tools and warnings of biased information to fight disinformation.

So to talk about fake news and fake news detection, we are pleased to have with us Dr. Prelsav Nakov. Dr. Preslav Nakov is a senior scientist at the Qatar Computing Research Institute, where he leads the Tanhib megaproject developed in collaboration with MIT, which aims to limit the effects of fake news, propaganda and media bias by making users aware of what they are reading, promoting media literacy and critical thinking. He has published more than 250 research papers, and has been placed in the top 2% of the world’s most cited in the category of career achievements, in a global list compiled by Stanford University.

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