AI and the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

24 November, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and the rapid development of technologies could become an asset to make our world more fair and equitable. However, they can also become a threat in issues such as security, privacy, dependence, etc. These technologies have implications in all areas of human activity and it must be us, together with governments and companies, who decide how to take advantage of them and manage them.

In this way, the DaSCI Institute has the strong conviction that Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive digital technologies must support and accelerate the achievement of each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For this aim and in collaboration with the Company Ferrovial and the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI), we are collecting information about how Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive digital technologies can promote the development of Sustainable Development Goals.

We are concerned about the interest in our proposals or recommendations (4-5 per SDG), which we are issuing after an extensive review of the literature and an understanding of what the current solutions are, their strengths and weaknesses. Under the premise that you can choose between two options, the 17 surveys of this study will allow us to obtain an assessment of which is the ranking of recommendations, according to the priorities of the respondents. Each survey involves just a few clicks. We encourage you to participate with the maximum number of surveys possible, until December 10.

For more information on the project and a more detailed description of the recommendations, please visit (English version). Attached you can find the texts of the recommendations and the links to surveys in brief format.