23 October, 2020

Next week will take place the ENHAnCE TRAINING WEEK, a training activity organized in the framework of the European Project ENHAnCE, coordinated by the DaSCI Institute.

It is an on-line event that starts on Monday 26th and that will focus on offering an “Introduction to Research Practice” until Friday 30th. The participants will be able to gather information about all those aspects of research that will help them to be successful in their projects. Topics will include notions on how to write an article or a PhD thesis, tools to do so, dissemination of our work, connection with the world of industry and European programs, among others.

If you are interested in the topic, you can download all the information in the following link to the PROGRAM

Also, if you are a PhD student at the DaSCI Institute, you can register for the activity using the following form. REGISTRATION FORM

If you do not belong to the Institute but are interested in this activity you can follow the talks in streaming at the following link: STREAMING LINK

All the training will be in English and on-line.