MOOC Machine Learning and Big Data for Bioinformatics

17 January, 2022

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University of Granada, through the Center for the Production of Resources for the Digital University, is part of the global initiative of offering Open Educational Resources as MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) through the platform AbiertaUGR. Among its catalog of courses, AbiertaUGR offers the MOOC “Machine Learning and Big Data for Bioinformatics”, which provides practical and applied learning on Bioinformatics and Machine Learning, joining academic rigor with a simple and direct methodology. Check the dates for the second edition.


Jesús Alcalá Fernández (Academic Coordinator), Rafael Alcalá Fernández (Member of the teaching staff), Coral del Val Muñoz (Member of the teaching staff), Alberto Fernández Hilario (Member of the teaching staff), María José Gacto Colorado (Member of the teaching staff) and Elena Ruiz Sánchez (Member of the teaching staff).

Dates for Second Edition