Rocío Romero at #NIGHTspain 2023

22 June, 2023

#event #29th september

Rocío Romero Zaliz

Dpt. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

About Me

I have been a computer scientist almost since I can remember. Computers and all the gadgets in the world are my passion. Curiosity is a main part of my day-to-day life and what has led me to work on very diverse topics: medicine, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, cartography… As a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and doctor from the University of Granada I have a passion for teaching that I have been developing since the last century and which is my highest priority. I like to innovate and learn new things, I am not afraid of new challenges. Fan of photography and carbohydrates (at the same time…). Disseminator apprentice and future queen of TikTok 😉

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Interdisciplinary work

Outstanding results

Categorize different types of schizophrenia in order to apply personalized medicine and thus improve the lives of patients. psychologists, psychiatrists, computer scientists.


 began by becoming interested in computational biology topics and ended up becoming fond of interdisciplinary work with any area of ​​study. Science does not advance if we think that they are watertight containers. If we break that barrier we can achieve incredible things. I do not plan to retire until interdisciplinary work is fairly valued.

Scientific Desire

Inspire women to be encouraged to venture into careers within the STEM area.