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The transfer of scientific knowledge to our socioeconomic environment is articulated through the Digital Innovation Hub AIR-Andalusia. AIR-Andalusia is made up of partners from the entire Andalusian ecosystem, from universities and research centres to business associations, chambers of commerce, parks, European Business and Innovation Centres (CEEIs/BICS), companies and technology clusters. AIR-Andalusia is made up of leading […]

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Director FRANCISCO HERRERA TRIGUERO Welcome to DaSCI, the Andalusian Research Institute in Artificial Intelligence. DaSCI Institute arises as an initiative of the universities of Granada, Jaén and Córdoba to promote the work of a group of Andalusian researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in Data Science and Computer Intelligence. DaSCI begins as a common project, full […]

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Find out about women pioneers in IT introduced by DaSCI Pioneras informáticas oficial WEBSITE (UJA) Pioneras Informáticas is a project originated at the University of Jaén, which wants to visualize and recognize the discoveries, inventions and contributions of women to the history of Computer Science. The main objective is to promote female vocations in the […]

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The DaSCI Institute podcast All episodes SintonIA is data science. It is artificial intelligence. Two thinking neural networks that we have trained to tell you what is hidden behind the technologies that are shaping the present. Statistics, neural networks, practical applications and the latest advances of the Andalusian Institute of Data Science and Computational Intelligence […]