Decision Making and Decision Support Systems Research Line

Effective decision-making is an complex process that needs to be nurtured in time. Effective decision has positive effects on all the departments, and equal damage is caused by an ineffective decision. Hence, decision makers face many situations wherein it is quite tough to make a decision. A careful study of various challenges faced will lead […]

Fuzzy systems for data analysis Research Line

Models that use fuzzy sets as a tool in data analysis allow knowledge to be represented in a way that is very close to natural language. Additionally, fuzzy systems allow modeling complex scenarios such as those with lack of data or uncertainty. Fuzzy evolutionary systems, which are a prominent area in Computational Intelligence, are evolutionary […]

Evolutionary and bioinspired algorithms for optimization Research Line

In the last fifty years, the field of optimization has been revolutionized by the arrival of new algorithms, called meta-heristics, inspired by nature, evolution, and animal behaviors, including the collective intelligence of gregarious animals. Examples of such algorithms would be Genetic Algorithms, inspired by the animal evolution, Ant Colony-based Optimization (ACO) algorithms, or Particle Cloud […]

Deep Learning Research Line

The complexity of the information with which we currently operate, with large sets of attributes describing each of the data samples, implies the need to also have models capable of extracting the most important characteristics, identifying hidden relationships between them and generating higher level representations. These are aspects in which the different families of deep […]