Decision Making & Human Opinion Modeling Research Line

Human beings live in a constant process of offering and asking for opinions. Decision Making (DM) is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions from expert opinions. DM is a problem that has been evolving to adapt to the needs of society. With the increased use of […]

General Purpose Artificial Intelligence Research Line

A General-Purpose Artificial Intelligence System (GPAIS) refers to an advanced AI system capable of effectively performing a range of distinct tasks. Its degree of autonomy and ability is determined by several key characteristics, including the capacity to adapt or perform well on new tasks that arise at a future time, the demonstration of competence in […]

Trushworthy Artificial Intelligence Research Line

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on seven technical requirements sustained over three main pillars that should be met throughout the system’s entire life cycle: it should be (1) lawful, (2) ethical, and (3) robust, both from a technical and a social perspective.  The seven requirements are: agency and oversight; technical robustness and safety; privacy […]