Episode 29: Tourism and AI Noticia

#podcast #T3E8 20 march, 2023 Technology can help transform the travel industry and enhance the traveler experience. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality can be used to personalize experiences, from trip planning to the stay at the destination. To talk about all this we had the participation of Javier Melero Rus, CEO […]

Episode 28: Driverless Cars Noticia

#podcast #T3E7 14 february, 2023 In this first episode recorded at the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada we talk about autonomous cars. We investigate the past, present and future of this technology and how it can change the automotive industry. For this we interviewed Teresa de Pedro, a pioneer in this world and now […]

Episode 27: Data Science Noticia

#podcast #T3E6 14 december, 2022 Statistics, mathematics and computer science are fundamental knowledge for a good data scientist. In this episode we will review with Anabel Forte the basics of this new area of study: Data Science. Do you think you know everything about this topic? Don’t you know what we are talking about? Then […]

Episode 26: Open Software Noticia

#podcast #T3E5 28 november, 2022 The digital revolution has brought the right to freedom of expression to the masses, turning every digital user into a potential writer, photographer or filmmaker. It is therefore important to emphasize the role of individuals in the creation and distribution of digital content and their relationship with the Internet, while […]

Episode 25: AI-griculture Noticia

#podcast #T3E4 15 november, 2022 The agricultural sector is undergoing a transformation driven by new technologies. Precision agriculture, which consists of applying inputs (what is needed) when and where it is needed, has become the third wave of the revolution in modern agriculture driven by the use of Dig Data and Artificial Intelligence tools. In […]

Episode 24: Cinema and AI Noticia

#podcast #T3E3 2 november, 2022 In the movie Artificial Intelligence by Steven Spielberg, it is said that “creating an artificial man has always been the dream of science”. This is reflected in countless movies related to Artificial Intelligence where, usually, a humanoid robot that has to make intelligent and sometimes ethically conflicting decisions is physically […]

Episode 23: Automatic translation Noticia

#podcast #T3E2 18 october, 2022 Will machine translation make us lose interest in learning new languages? Are machine translators really the end of professional translators? As always, technology has its pros and cons. In this episode we will talk about the techniques historically used to perform machine translations and we will catch up with Dr. […]

Episode 22: Neural networks… of impulses Noticia

#podcast #T3E1 4th october 2022 Artificial neural networks never cease to amaze us with their many applications. But… Did you know that they are not biologically realistic? There are other types of artificial neural networks, based on impulses, which make up the third generation of artificial neural networks. In this episode Dr. Angel Garcia Vico […]