Episode 37: Perception of AI Noticia

#podcast #T4E8 23 abr, 2024 In this episode of SintonIA we will talk about society’s perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To do so, we rescue material from the last European night of researchers where we consulted the public who visited us about their vision of AI. To analyze and discuss these issues we had the […]

Episode 36: Our personality makes us better Noticia

#podcast #T4E7 08 abr, 2024 In this episode we will talk about the most used artificial intelligence tools in biology. We will talk with Elisa Díaz de la Guardia-Bolívar, biotechnology and computer science, about her latest publication and how these tools have assisted in her research. Do our genes define our personality? Can our personality […]

Episode 35: Computer Pioneers Noticia

#podcast #T4E6 05 mar, 2024 We commemorate International Women’s Day with a special episode of SintonIA where we talk about Pioneras Informáticas, a project of the University of Jaén to spread the work of women in history. To tell us these fascinating stories we invited Dr. Lina García Cabrera from the University of Jaén and […]

Episode 34: Teaching Noticia

#podcast #T4E5 13 feb, 2024 In this episode we will talk about the use of artificial intelligence tools in teaching. We will analyze what tools exist, how to use them and how to get the most out of them. We interview David Álvarez Jiménez, an expert in all this e-learning stuff, who will comment on […]

Episode 33: Machine Learning in Neuroscience Noticia

#podcast #T4E4 12 dic, 2023 In this terrifying episode of SintonIA, the line between reality and fiction is blurred. Rocio has disappeared, and Francisco finds himself in a puzzling situation. We travel to a spooky castle in Munich, Germany, where a meeting of researchers exploring the boundaries between psychiatry and neurology is taking place. They […]

Episode 32: Planning Noticia

#podcast #T4E3 28 nov, 2023 In this special episode from the European Researchers’ Night we invite you to learn all about the world surrounding intelligent planning. We interview Carlos Nuñez, a brilliant postdoctoral student at the DaSCI Institute, who guides us through the complex world of automatic planning and shows us its practical applications in […]

Episode 31: Digital Twins Noticia

#podcast #T4E2 14th nov2023 From the European Researchers’ Night we invite you to learn about the concept of “Digital Twin”. We interviewed Dr. Juan Chiachio, a leading expert in this technology who will explain what it is and how it can be applied particularly in building in order to change the way we design, construct […]

Episode 30: The European Researchers’ Night Noticia

#podcast #T4E1 25 october, 2023 Get ready for an episode recorded live from the Paseo del Salón in Granada during the European Researchers’ Night! In this special episode we dive into the fascinating world of technological innovation applied to event evaluation. Our expert Rosana Montes Soldado introduces us to DIME+, an application that she assures […]