Timber Identification and Artificial Intelligence Operational Group (IMAI) Noticia

GO IMAI is formed by UPM (ETSI Montes, Forestal y Medio Natural), UGR (Andalusian Research Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence) and AEIM (Asociación Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera) The Operational Group Timber Identification and Artificial Intelligence (IMAI) is responsible for the content published in this news. Web: https://goimai.es The Directorate […]

MonuMAI – A Deep Learning project that boosts Science for Everyone Noticia

MonuMAI was born in Granada, within the framework of the European Researchers’ Night. On the one hand, it offers all the people who attend this event the opportunity to experience the research in first person, participating as members of the Citizen Science team, and on the other hand, it takes advantage of the great success […]