12 DaSCI researchers have been included in the Ranking of scientists who are among the top 2% of the world’s leading scientists

18 March, 2021

The “World Scientist: World’s Top 2% Scientists” is a list created by a group of researchers coordinated from Stanford University, which has been recently published in the prestigious journal Plos Biology, and in which the world’s elite in the world of scientific research is included.

Among the authors recognized in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing are Francisco Herrera, Director of the Institute (among the 300 best in the world in this area) and other members of the Institute such as Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Luis Martínez, Salva García, Cristóbal Romero, Rosa M. Rodríguez, Óscar Cordón, Sebastián Ventura, Francisco J. Cabrerizo, Jesús Alcalá, Julián Luengo and Javier Ramírez.

The research was carried out by a group of experts formed by John Loannidis (Stanford University), Jeroen Baas (Elsevier B.V.), Kevin W. Boyack (SciTech Strategies), and Richard Klavans (SciTech Strategies).

From Scopus data, they have created a database that collects more than 100,000 scientists with standardized information on their citations, the h-index (an index to measure an individual’s scientific research output), the co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, citations of articles in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator (with metrics with and without self-citations).

The database collects 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields, in addition to allowing to know the results of researchers throughout their career or in the year 2019.

For us, this list represents the enhancement of the work done every day by DaSCI researchers and we are happy to have 12 of the greatest among “ours”.