Episode 0: Hello! Are you there?

21 March, 2021

#podcast #T1E0

Imagine for a moment that you wake up in the morning. Maybe your smart wristband decided it was the right time by analyzing your biomedical signals. Or maybe it’s your lifelong alarm clock.

You wake up and look at the weather forecast on your phone. You have 20 notifications. You’ll look at them over coffee before you go to work. You open Twitter, or Instagram. You watch a YouTube video. Thousands of images and text come to your eyes. Facebook already knows you a little bit more… it knows your routine (you wake up early), your likes (you’ve liked John) and your potential as a customer (you’ve clicked on a car brand ad).

You’ve had breakfast. You are at work. You sit down at your computer and see 25 new emails. Only one is “important”, and thank goodness, many others have gone straight to the spam folder. You do an Internet search. Yet another company already handles that data. Another notification! You’ve been recognized in a photo uploaded by Maria to remind you that it’s been a year of pandemic.

Let’s stop now. It’s been an hour, maybe two. Intelligent” applications, that artificial intelligence that can find the best time to wake you up, or suggest a brand of car when they knew you were looking for one. What differentiates an important email from the normal ones and from spam? What recognizes your face in a photo?

Artificial intelligence is all around us. But it seems like an “expert” thing, beyond the reach of ordinary people. However, it is having more and more impact on our lives.

That’s why we created SintonIA

T1E0 – Hello! Are you there?